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057 - How to Add your Personal Stamp to an Established Brand with Alison Hop

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Top Snippets - 057 - How to Add your Personal Stamp to an Established Brand with Alison Hop
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Show overview: In this episode we interview Alison Hop, Vice President of Commerce at Ministry of Supply. Ministry of Supply is a high performance business wear men's and women's fashion brand. Alison’s job is to oversee all digital marketing, brand marketing, performance marketing and advertising. Alison explains what it is like to work for a technology-based clothing company and how she adds value to her team.  Alison’s Why: She mentions that her why is constantly changing. Every role she takes on and every industry she works in determines what her why is at that time. At her core, she has a passion for fashion and the retail industry. She believes in the power of what you wear and how it can change your mood and your day.  Why work for Ministry of Supply? The decision came after she had decided to move to Boston and needed to look for a new job. After working for several years, she had come up with a list of what mattered to her within a company and what she was looking for. Luckily, she saw Ministry of Supply was hiring and it matched everything she was looking for.  Putting her mark on the company: Alison explains how her small team each had something different to bring to the table. She quickly realized what was needed from her as a facilitator/connector and stepped up to the plate. She became the project manager and was able to connect all the necessary steps to have a successful team.  Advice for fashion entrepreneurs:Alison talks about the importance of always seeking new knowledge and new information. She mentions how she was always curious and wanted to learn more about her company and the job she was in at that time. This led to her being more successful and more knowledgeable.  Book recommendations/resources to expand knowledge:Alison mentions how she often seeks out new opportunities for creative thinking. She mentions how she is a big historical fiction fan and although that does not relate to her career, it allows her to give her brain a rest from the usual topics at work. : Alison mentions how she is always rooting for women in the workplace as well as wanting to navigate workplace conversation and this community allows her to do so. She follows several other instagram accounts and podcasts around fashion history which brings together her professional life and her hobbies.  One of these podcasts:Dressed: The History of Fashion podcast Links: LinkedIn  Ministry of Supply