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#057: Rules versus Laws

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Today, we’re discussing an important distinction – especially if you’re looking to reach big goals in life. You WILL come across this challenge – we all do as we progress in our lives more toward the things that we want. The important distinction is rules versus laws, and I’ll show you some shifts to make that will allow you to experience more of the successes you’ve been working toward.

First, I want to be more specific. I’m not talking about the “legal” version of the definition of laws. I’m speaking about the scientific version. Laws are true no matter whether you are aware of them or not. Laws are the way the world works; they are not choice-based. Rules are the opposite – they have nothing to do with how the world works scientifically, they are made up – by people. I’ve seen a lot of people get stuck by following what they think are laws but are really rules.

A rule is something that we can choose to follow or not. There’s such a long history of rules we’ve grown out of as a culture and as a society, but there’s a lot that still needs attention. At one point there was a rule that women shouldn’t get educations. That was a rule that people treated like a law for a long time – until enough people spoke up and said “This is made up and this doesn’t make any sense!”

You need to know that there are definitely things like that still happening. Even if there’s just one rule in your life right now like that (I bet there’s more though!), seeing that and deciding to stop following it can make a difference. There’s nothing like having a 3 year old around to teach you what are rules and what are laws. Why can’t you go out in public with a mismatched outfit if that’s what you want to wear? There’s no law – you totally can do that!

There are a lot of things that we try to change about ourselves because we think we need to follow society’s rules. But this is what is holding us back. Will some people think that you’re odd? Yes, they will. But what I want to submit to you is that if the average person thinks that you’re weird, that’s a good sign! If you wanted to live your life like the average person, you could do that and you’d have average results. Really make a point to listen more to the people who have the results that you want to have than those who don’t.

So when it comes to rules, think about what you are following that really is made up. What things could you tweak that would lead you to more success? At the same time you want to eliminate those rules from your life, you want to bring in more awareness of the laws.

Laws are things that are happening no matter whether you know about them or not. A baby doesn’t have to be taught about gravity to have gravity be something that’s happening in their life. A law is something that is creating results for you, so the more you become educated on what those laws are and how they work, the more you can use them to your advantage to get results.

My course goes into a ton more detail, but to give you something for today, I wanted to bring in the idea of vibration and how that works as a law in science. We’ve definitely seen the studies that an object’s vibration changes its surroundings. There are a lot of different applications of that study – from cymatics to messages from water – that I do go into in the course. But for today, I’ll simply share that law. That law is that a vibration changes the world around it to be more aligned with it. We’ve also seen a connection that a person’s sustained intention has a vibrational quality.

So one law that you can start using today is to be deliberate about your intention and sustain it. Whatever you want to create – the quality that you want to your life to have – you need to show up with it. That in turn draws the matching things to you; it changes the world around you. There’s science on that. I hope after this talk you'll find a rule to get rid of, and you bring in the law of intention that works according to the science of vibration!