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057 | Sound Alchemy + Amplifying your Human Experience / Shane Thunder

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There is so much curiosity around sound healing these days. People are gathering in groups for sound baths, educating themselves around the various frequencies of sound and what it does to your cells and your body, and of course, they are craving gongs and crystal bowl baths wherever they can find it. As a Sound Healer myself, I wouldn’t be here as a teacher and healer if it weren’t for my guest Shane Thunder. Being a Sacred Space producer at conscious festivals and events around the world, Shane is the sound healer expert, sharing various tools and instruments wherever he’s performing. A sound bath from Shane is an experience in itself and to be able to call this light leader a brother and friend, it’s beyond an honor and privilege.   Throughout my spiritual journey, if it weren’t for sound healing, I wouldn’t have been able to heal to the level I’ve been able to heal. In this episode, we go there for you and with you. This is a massive wakeup call for you to reclaim your light, honor your healing process, and show up in the world as your full, authentic self. This is a conversation with two energy healers + masters who are sharing with you their stories, their experience, and their journey with sound and their spiritual process of becoming authentic lightleaders in the world today.   In this episode, Shane and I talked about…. ☾ Understanding the power of sound to heal and restructure our DNA to make an impact on the world ☾ The Popular Rise of Sound Healing + the history of Sound ☾ Using sound to break any barrier or wall that’s been keeping you small ☾ Understanding the power of frequencies and the importance of listening to high vibe sound ☾ Discovering the root of abusing medicines, drugs, and substances as a cry for connection ☾ How your breath can be your greatest Sadhana ☾ The difference between judgement and passing judgement ☾ Understanding your relationship with your healing and the process of healing ☾ The importance of Facing your Spiritual Bypassing + Spiritual Ego ☾ Healing being a full spiral, not a full circle experience ☾ The concept of being a warrior to “save humanity" ☾ Becoming your greatest teacher when it comes to your journey, your life, your hue-man experience ☾ Understanding the true path of Self Realization + the importance of doing the work ☾ The power of conscious choice as you navigate through your spiritual journey ☾ Cultivating Boundaries with the Universe ☾ Understanding patience as the waiting time between manifestations ☾ Honoring your Spiritual Journey and how it all unfolds according to Divine Plan ☾ What it takes for you to find your people and living your life to its fullest     Discover Shane Thunder Shane is a California-based Master Sound Alchemist residing in Santa Barbara, CA. After self-inducing a kundalini awakening in Dec. 2011, he has traveled throughout the country for the last 5 years offering his 432hz Spirit Metacine in the passionate belief of unifying the body, mind, and spirit thru the healing arts. He has held space for workshops, instructional classes, and ceremonies guided by his Higher-Self to share his musical gifts with the crystal Gemstone singing bowls and many more instruments.    WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | <a href="h