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058: 8 Celebrities Who Did It At Home

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Today’s episode is the Doing It At Home celebrity list of home births. We’re chatting about 8 celebrities who chose home birth. This of course is not the list of the only celebrities who had their babies at home. There’s a bunch out there, and probably even more that haven’t publicly shared this part of their lives (which we can understand, given all the attention they already get!). These are just the people we were most excited to talk about when we found out we shared this common experience with them. 
Ricki Lake - One of the mamas behind the famous documentary The Business of Being Born. We had to acknowledge her in this list and thank for the awesome documentary that has inspired and influenced so many of us. Majority of the home birth moms we interview mentioned BOBB as a big part of their home birth decision and preparation. Think about how many home births have happened as a result of her and what she decided to boldly do!
Erykah Badu - Matthew and I are huge fans. All hail her and her awesomeness. She had all 3 of her children at home. She even does doula work!
Pamela Anderson - Celebrating the upcoming Baywatch movie, she had to be on the list when we found out she had both of her sons at home.
Demi Moore - She made a big splash with her famous Vanity Fair cover, naked and pregnant, in 1991. And then had her babies at home. What a powerful woman!
Gisele Bundchen - BOBB did a followup four-part series, one of which featured celebrity moms talking about their various birth experiences. Gisele totally rocked it, talking about her home birth so peacefully and matter of factly. Her chill vibe resonated and prompted us to add her to the list.
Mayim Bialik - Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler! We are also big fans of Big Bang Theory. Mayim, aside from being a great actress and neuroscientist, is big on natural parenting, extended breastfeeding, and home birth. There was really no question of putting her on this list. 
Justin and Emily Baldoni - This spot goes to both mom and dad. Justin shares so much of his experience of fatherhood and family life on his social media that he needed to be included along with his beautiful wife Emily. They’re on the list for a few reasons. For one, Sarah loves Jane the Virgin - it’s a total guilty pleasure and reminds her of home in South Florida. Another reason, they welcomed their first baby in a home birth - a daughter named...Maiya! We obviously love this name. They’re currently pregnant with baby number 2, and we’re very excited to watch this part of their journey.
Queen Elizabeth II - So not your average home birth. But if you live in a palace, and you give birth there...well, call it home birth! The Queen gave birth to Prince Charles, with a royal midwife in attendance. This just seemed like such a cool fact that we had to talk about it and incorporate it into the list.
Honorary number 9 spot goes out to Alanis Morissette, who also made an appearance in the BOBB followup series to talk about her home birth. Alanis songs are Matthew’s go-to for karaoke, so to acknowledge that and of course honor the splendor that is Alanis, she gets a special spot.Notes:
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