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#058 Aidan & Ashley "The Successful Mentalist" on having Big Hairy Audacious Goals and seeing other doing well in life

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Top Snippets - #058 Aidan & Ashley "The Successful Mentalist" on having Big Hairy Audacious Goals and seeing other doing well in life
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For this episode I got the seldom chance to have two guests at the same time. Aidan The Wizard O’Sullivan with his co-host and business partner Ashley Green Mindreader. Two young mind magicians finding their niche, combining business and magic entertainment, they are able to help magicians all around the world with their project “The Successful Mentalist”. By offering a podcast, blogging, courses, a private community, conventions, coaching (group and individual), networking event, and finding other new ways to deliver information to the magician world. So they can improve all their lives by 2040. To do so they had to take their dream, of becoming full-time magicians, and put it on the side burner.
This episode has been as much fun as the two previous ones and again full with actionable tips to improve your life. Ashley and Aidan are so complimentary in many ways and full of energy that I am sure anyone listening to this episode will learn something new that you can apply right away.
The whole interview starts rather weird with us talking about Ashley’s weird objects and Aidan’s objection towards them.
Topics we got to talk about
Goal Setting:
Clear goal setting involves Deep reflection, not just on your previous year but on your life, yourself. => That way you bring more on the table about you and what you want than anyone else could. You know your strengths and weaknesses. I want this and that … because it helps me with this, because I can do that… because it clicks here and there.
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