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#059 Brittany Krystle | Beyond Personal Branding and Influence

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Brittany Krystle is an expert in growing your personal brand. Between her courses and one-on-one coaching, she helps her clients develop an idiosyncratic brand that not only stands out from the rest but will draw the right kind of audience. In addition, Brittany chats with other major branding thought leaders on her Beyond Influential Podcast. In this episode, Brittany explains how you can draw in the exact kind of crowd you need by narrowing your focus, compares the two key components of clarity, and discusses her own personal branding heroes. The Finer Details of This Episode: What inspired Brittany to help others spread their influence across LinkedIn? The biggest lessons about personal branding that Brittany took away from working with Gary Vaynerchuk. Why Brittany thinks of personal branding as an “insurance policy.” How clarity becomes a foundational pillar in all successful personal brands. What you need to know about effectively niching down and drawing the crowd you want. Brittany debunks some persistent myths about personal branding and explains why it’s not selfish like some people think. The reason Brittany thinks the relationship between branding and selling is a symbiotic one. What other personal brands does Brittany look up to? Quotes: “If you have a job and you work for a living, you’re monetizing your personal brand.” “Own your name before somebody goes and does it for you.” “The more you actually niche down and get specific, the easier it is to grow.” “It’s not selfish if what you’re putting out is of service to somebody.” “The more you speak up and use your voice, the more confident you get.” “Selling is the art of mixing branding and sales.” Mentions: Gary Vaynerchuk Guest Links:Brittany’s homepage - Beyond Influential Podcast - Visit Brandon’s website at Join the Brand Growth Community on Facebook at And please leave a rating and review on iTunes!