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059- Does Buying or Selling a Home Scare You? | #KeriTV Episode #59

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Hey everyone, it’s Keri TV. Does the thought of buying or selling a home scare the – ooo! – emoji symbol out of you? Are you totally freaked out by the idea or the process? Well, stay tuned for lesson number six today about staying calm.
Alright. We’re here with our Fifteen Lessons in Fifteen Years of Real Estate. Today is lesson number six. Last week was lesson number five. Real estate is a big jungle. It’s a big zoo of crazy people. I hope you got to take a look at that one. Today, lesson number six is about staying calm. Does the idea and the thought of buying or selling a home, selling your current home, buying a new home, or buying an investment property scare the living daylights out of you? You’re like, how in the heck does that happen? What is the process? What do I need to do?
Well, in these fifteen years, I’ve learned that staying calm – and thank you, Dave White, for that lesson many, many years ago when I first started – is the key ingredient to getting through this process with sanity. Now, staying calm is not the easiest. Buying or selling is a business transaction, yes. Your head is laying there at night. Yes, you’re making memories there. Important thing are happening. Think about all the things that have happened in your household with family members, boyfriends, husbands, and children. I mean, I might get emotional just thinking about it. That’s your life. That’s you’re everything, usually. When it comes down to buy or sell and make a transition, it’s hectic. Think about how emotional it is just, I mean, sometimes I get emotional at CVS when I’m not sure what candy I need to buy. Buying a car and buying plane tickets are all such an emotional process. Staying calm, having a plan, and staying in clear communication is key. There’s so much involved when it comes time to start looking for a house or selling your house.
As a buyer, if you’re out looking, you need to have a good agent with you to talk to you about how the process works. You get a plan and you work, step by step. If you just get out there in a car and start going to look at houses, you may end up in a situation where you’re at a house that’s not really the right house for you. You may miss out on a great house you like. You may not have your finances in order to make a decision when you want. When you work with an agent, they can guide you through the exact process and hit the checklist of all the important points you need when you’re starting to look for a house. Now, even with that process of what to expect – ha-ha – there’s always the unexpected. You’ve got your game plan. You’ve sat down with your agent. Remind yourself, I’m going to stay calm. When you’re out there looking, you may be seeing houses that you think, oh this is great. Maybe I like too many places. Is this the right purchase? Am I making a decision too quickly? If you’ve got trusted advisors on your side, they can help talk you through.
The only person that’s going to be able to make that decision is of course you. I always tell people to sleep on it. I love to sleep on things because I have a clear head in the morning. I’m a morning person, as most of you know. I love a fresh day, a fresh start, and a fresh look on things. When the unexpected happens during these transactions or during the process of looking, you need to learn to stay calm. Have a positive mindset, which of course is cliché.  Know that you’re going to get a ton of stuff coming at you during this entire process. Looking at the plan, working with your trusted advisors, and having bulletproof communication is going to help you get through that process with a little more of a clear head.
Now on the selling side, it’s the same type of thing. Oh my god, I’m putting my home on the market. Strangers are coming into my home. What are they going to think? What’s the timeline like? Talk about taking things personally. Someone comes into your home and they’re not interested. What if somebody just comes in and walks right out? You may want to throw your shoe at them as they’re walking out the door, right? Well, taking things personally is also part of staying calm. It’s the same with the selling side. When you’ve got your property ready to put on the market, you get into good communication with your agent, you go through a plan, you go through a process, you work the steps to make sure it works for you, your family, and whoever’s involved, and then when you put it into place, you know to expect the unexpected. Things will happen. Things will pop up. No matter how much you’ve planned and how calm you’re staying, you cannot control other people’s reactions. You can’t control who’s going to buy it. You can’t control the market. You can’t control the property you’re going to buy. Just know that all you can do is stay in consistent, clear, and bulletproof communication with your agent and the people involv