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060: Core Purpose...Your Success Foundation

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Today’s conversation is focused around fulfilling our
purpose and reason for being on the planet in the first place. Are
you interested in experiencing greater success in your business and
your life? But, wondering how are the two connected in the first
place? As Benjamin Disraeli has said, the secret to success is
constancy to purpose. But what if you don’t really know your
purpose or can’t figure it out in the first place, as Bishop T.D.
Jakes once said, if you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out
your passion; for your passion will lead you right into your
purpose. On this philosophically rich and insightful episode, Dr.
Norton and co-host Bruce Hurley will deep dive into how core
purpose sets the foundation and is the touchstone for your greatest
success and fulfilment.
Make sure to also catch the Mindfluence Challenge of
the week detailing the 6 critical questions you can ask yourself to
clarify and articulate your core purpose.
Key Takeaways:
[1:05] “The secret to success is constancy to
purpose.” Benjamin Disraeli
[1:31] “Purpose is the place where your deep gladness
meets the world’s needs.” - Frederick Buechner
[2:01] Bruce shares his thoughts on the idea of core
purpose. He says having your core purpose in mind is foundational
to informing all of your activities.
[2:58] What’s the meaning of life? You Are!
[4:00] What is your Unique Compelling Contribution
[5:29] Meaning and purpose are personally discerned.
We assume and search for meaning and that’s one of those things
that come from the inside.
[6:05] Bruce shares a poem he wrote for an art
project, on the meaning of life, when he was 12-years-old. He
called it ‘The Meaning’.
[9:05] This idea of ‘meaning’ is not always unicorns
and rainbows. There’s meaning in failure, there’s meaning in
grief…learn to love the passion, that is all!
[11:40] Leaders need to be involved in directing and
driving forward their core purpose and mission.
[13:15] Why is having an unwavering focus on your
purpose so critical? How can it keep you moving forward?
[14:24] Having a clear core purpose is going to
motivate you as a leader, but it’s also going to motivate your
team, the people you serve, and the world.
[16:31] Keeping your purpose on the forefront of your
mind will help keep your priorities straight. 
[18:21] Bruce shares a life changing book titled
Awareness, by Anthony De Mello.
[19:39] Knowing your purpose will help you evaluate
your progress and act as a guide to help you determine if you’re on
your path.
[21:37] Why might you be feeling lost in your life or
in your business? How can finding yourself in that lost place be a
high positive energy state?   
[23:00] It’s important to connect your personal
purpose to the company purpose. “The personal purpose of the leader
should infuse the company purpose.”
[24:23] A study on truly exceptional companies that
have prospered over the long-term found that the key component of
their ability to endure and to thrive was a deeply held core
purpose that created a strong sense of identity and continuity
throughout the business.
[25:45] Don’t just create reasonable goals, create
unreasonable goals. Don’t just create a realistic version of your
contribution, create an idealistic one so that it’s bigger than you
can imagine.
[26:55] Your ability to prosper as a company is not
about what you sell, it’s about what you believe and that should
drive everything that you do.
[28:31] The entire point of getting clear on your
purpose is to inspire and lead your team and the people you
[29:38] When defining your core purpose you need to
be clear and genuine. It has to be meaningful to your business.
[30:48] If you want help with clarifying your core
purpose shoot an email to to open up a
dialogue and for free advice/guidance. 
[31:19] A clear understanding of how a person’s job
contributes to their company’s reason for being is a powerful form
of emotional compensation.
[31:42] The 5 important characteristics of a
company’s core purpose by Jim Collins.
[32:46] Mindfluence success challenge: 6 critical
questions to ask yourself to clarify and articulate your core
[35:12] Keep an eye out for the new, 90 day
Mindfluence Revolution training program: From Passionate Purpose to
Sustainable Success.
[36:13] To forget one’s purpose is the commonest form
of stupidity.” - Friedrich Nie