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094: Gengar

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Hello there! Welcome to Professor Jacob’s ninety-fourth lesson on Pokémon biology. This lesson today is all about Gengar: the Shadow Pokémon and final evolved form of Gastly. This mischievous ghost/poison type gets its jollies by hiding in the shadows of people or objects, ready to attack its unsuspecting victims. It's also a bit of a jokester! Gengar loves playing pranks and casting curses on people... all in good fun! Gengar also has a Mega Evolution, which has the ability to access other dimensions, as well as a Gigantamax form, which possesses a giant mouth that is rumored to be a gateway to the afterlife. Again, what a fun jokester of a Pokémon! There's a ton to learn about Gengar, so be sure to pay attention and take exquisite notes!
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