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099: Kingler

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Hello there! Welcome to Professor Jacob’s ninety-ninth lesson on Pokémon biology. For this class, we will be discussing Kingler: the Pincer Pokémon and evolved form of Krabby. Resembling Krabby in many ways, Kingler is most well known for the gorgeous crown on its head and its giant pincers. These claws have 10,000 horsepower, which is more than enough to break open an apricorn... in case you were wondering. Its claws are so large that Kingler has a hard time just lifting them. So just know that if you see a Kingler waving at you, it's exerting a lot of energy on your behalf. That means you're special. There's more to learn about Kingler, including its Gigantamax form, so be sure to take good notes!
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