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115 | Belcampo Regenerative Farming and Organic Meats with CEO Anya Fernald

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Top Snippets - 115 | Belcampo Regenerative Farming and Organic Meats with CEO Anya Fernald
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Wonder what the difference is between grass-fed and grass-finished meat? Curious to learn about regenerative farming? Interested in how the omega 3:6 ratio matters in your meat? Tune in as Anya deciphers the world of meat. Starting off with her story and how her transition from eating vegetarian to eating meat, she speaks from within as she explains what drove and still drives her passion to produce quality meat. Then, Anya explains the fundamentals of regenerative farming and how it relates to farm legacy and soil nutrients for health. Soon after, she shifts into talking about the environment and ethics, discussing her perspectives on overpopulation and the meat industry, the cheap meat paradox, as well as food wastage. Finally, she breaks down all our questions about labels, clarifying the difference between grass-fed, grass-finished, organic, cage-free, farm-raised, and pasture-raised. With that comes her top recommendation in choosing the best sources of meat, depending on ruminant versus non-ruminant animals, according to its labels. Listen in as Anya talks you through the meat industry, and how Belcampo meat might be your best bet!.
What You Will Learn In This Interview with Anya Fernald :
3:05 – What drove Anya’s passion?
8:40 – From vegetarian to farm foods.
11:54 – Food Italy.
15:58 – Regenerative Farming.
17:30 – Regenerative Farming in America.
19:30 – Benefits of slow-growing meats.
20:59 – Can regenerative farming feed overpopulation?
22:59 – Cheap-Meat paradox.
25:58 – Subsidization & Meat.
27:30 – Battling Alternative Meats.
28:23 – Different labels in the meat industry and what they mean.
30:30 – How to source the best quality meat.
36:40 – E-commerce & Grocery Stores for Belcampo
38:56 – Learn more & How you can order Belcampo.
40:00 – Rights & Meat.
About Anya Fernald:
Anya Fernald brings 15 years of experience building and growing food businesses to Belcampo. Her first job after college was to launch a cooperative of cheesemakers in rural Sicily, from there she moved to direct international micro-investments for the Italian Slow Food Foundation. Upon returning to the US in 2005, she built and ran a produce distribution company and launched Slow Food Nation and Eat Real. Anya then developed business plans via her own company, Live Culture, where she first began working with partner Todd Robinson as a client. Anya has been a regular judge on the Food Network’s Iron Chef since 2009 and also serves as the founding board chair of the Food Craft Institute.
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