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#115: Body Weight Set Point: What It Is and How To Change It

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Diets, fads, weight loss, it's all a part of the main-stream culture. And so deeply rooted into many of our lives. But do you ever wonder why it's so difficult to lose weight, let alone keep it off? That's what we're talking about today and how our weight set point determines how we lose, if we lose and how we'll keep it off.  I'm continually fascinated by the human body and reminded at just how powerful and intricate it can be. And body fat the dreaded thing we fear is no different. In fact, many experts now distinguish body fat as it's own organ system. I'm half tempted to believe that body fat is so intricate we still are in the infancy stage of what we know about it. But what we do know is that losing weight is more complicated than just a generic equation dealing with calories. We know that it can't possibly be a simple equation, because if it were, wouldn't we be a nation of thin, healthy people? If there were a simple solution, we'd all be thin. But the question becomes, are we able to lose weight and keep it off? To beat the disturbing statistics that 97% of people who lose weight will gain it back an more. What? Why? I wanted to know it all and bring the answer to you. Today on the podcast we answer the questions: Can you lose weight and keep it off? What does this mean for your hormones and biology? And more. We dive into the broad subject of weight, body mass composition and give you answers on how to change it. SPOILER ALERT: It's not what most diets teach. Tune in to find out.   Learn more: