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#115 - Richard Jacques Interview (GOTG, MCU, 007 Bloodstone, Composing, SEGA, Mass Effect etc)

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Top Snippets - #115 - Richard Jacques Interview (GOTG, MCU, 007 Bloodstone, Composing, SEGA, Mass Effect etc)
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Richard Jacques is a video game composer who has composed for games such as Mass Effect, 007 Bloodstone, Sonic and the recent Guardians Of The Galaxy game.

#gotg #guardiansofthegalaxy #marvel



TWITTER - @Richard_jacques

INSTAGRAM - @richardjacquescomposer

FACEBOOK - Richard Jacques



00:00 - Intro

00:50 - How Richard Came Up With GOTG’s Musical Sound

01:40 - Direction From Audio Director On GOTG/Main GOTG Theme

03:18 - Process Of Writing Main GOTG Theme

05:41 - Realising The Main GOTG Theme Was Special

06:47 - How Richard Would Incorporate Main Theme Into Other Parts Of Soundtrack

08:27 - The Credits Theme

09:50 - Licensed Music In GOTG

12:03 - Evolution Of Licensed Music & Meshing With Original Score

13:10 - Dealing With Key Changes

14:21 - Writing In Midi And Getting It 100% Right Before Orchestra Recording

15:35 - Richard Was Full Time On GOTG Since 2019

16:38 - MCU Films Didn’t Influence The GOTG Score

17:47 - Richard Is Drawn To Story/Would Love To Compose For MCU

18:40 - Having To Much Musical Equipment Can Be Distracting

20:57 - Being Content With The Plugins You Have/Chapter 11 Story

23:23 - Mixing Of GOTG Soundtrack

30:28 - Writing A Theme On A London Bus On A Piece Of Paper

32:40 - Demo Tracks For 007:Bloodstone

33:50 - Richard Doesn’t Mind Still Doing Demos Despite His Clout

35:40 - Melody Comes Naturally To Richard

37:59 - How Richard Got His Job At SEGA Europe

41:15 - Richard Was Writing Music For Screen Before Composing For Video Games

43:37 - Richard’s Demo Tracks Are Locked Away

44:35 - Richard Would Love To Do An Analog Synth Score

46:02 - How Richard Stays Inspired

48:49 - Richard Had A Lot Of Roles At SEGA

50:22 - Richard Doesn’t Incorporate Sound Design Into Music/Music Implementation

52:13 - GOTG Soundtrack/Music Implementation In GOTG

54:04 - Work On Mass Effect Helped With GOTG/Flowcharts Of Music

55:41 - Difference Between Mass Effect & GOTG

57:28 - Where Film/TV Differs From Video Games

58:44 - Where To Follow Richard Jacques