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1.15 The Cotton Worker Strike of 1906 and the Seattle General Strike of 1919

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Gramsci had a strand of Italian patriotism. His patriotism was a Marxist patriotism that believed in international cooperation of the working classes around the world, but he took pride in being Italian. He wrote this article about the Cotton Workers Strike trike of 1906 because it provided the workers an example of working class strength from their own history. Gramsci's narrative was intended to convince them that if they had done it before, they could do it again.

Remembering the History of the Cotton Workers’ Struggle
Il Grido del Popolo
December 9, 1916
Selections from Political Writings 1910-1920

- [ ] ITALY 1903-1906
- [ ] JANUARY - APRIL 15, 1906
- [ ] APRIL 22 - JULY 18, 1906

1904 General Strike
Italy’s first general strike. It was called by Chamber of Labour
“The country would experience many general strikes in the years following 1904, with additional general strikes in 1905, 1906, 1909, 1911, and 1914.”

Inter-Mountain Republican, May 9, 1906

Inter-Mountain Republican, May 10

Oldest Trade Union in Italy, formed in 1906

Wikipedia entry for the Seattle General Strike

“When Workers Stopped Seattle” by Cal Winslow

A bourgeois paper warning against the Seattle General Strike

A bourgeois paper calling the strikers dangerous revolutionaries

Anna Louise Strong “No One Knows Where”

“General Strikes, Mass Strikes” by Kim Moody


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