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117: The Easiest Sales

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Just because someone has the money and a heartbeat, doesn't mean you should sell to them. Let me tell you why, in this episode.   Well, when I have no criteria on the kind of person I want to bring into my downline or sell my product to, I have to be very good at varying levels of education.    And when I go and I sell somebody who's already been in an MLM, that means I don't have to go and answer questions such as - Is this a pyramid scheme? How does this work? What is a downline? What is a comp plan? What I'm saying here is that when you start figuring out who you actually want to be in your downline, get strict. That way, you're actually making it easier for you to sell and the path to success with you smoother for those people.   At one point in my MLM career, I realized that I had not put enough filters into who I was trying to recruit and because of that, I was getting anybody who had the money. That is no way to sell anyone into anything. Money is not supposed to be the only criterion. What I then started doing was I started putting more criteria in and it made my success rate go up, because I suddenly stopped getting people who had never done anything in their life, ever.    And because of that, I could get more specific in the training and thus, they could go further, faster. Hence, my success rate shot up. Stay tuned to know more.   Key Takeaways   When I left my job, I started selling to anybody who was in MLM - that was good (2:44) Going after people who are already marketers is not harder than any other sale (6:34) The way I bring somebody in usually determines what they will do afterwards (7:02) Figure out your criteria of who you want and what they already know (8:31) Get into a situation where it’s like your golf ball is an inch away from the hole… (11:51) What I look for is markets who are educating my market for me (12:19)   ---   Whether you simply want more leads to pitch or an automated MLM funnel, head over to and join the next FREE training.   And if you haven't already, head over to Apple Podcasts and leave a rating and review on the podcast if you've got any value from it.