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118 - Be Successful by Standing Out with Jesse Cole

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Jesse Cole is the founder of Fans First Experience and owner of the multi-million dollar USA baseball team, the Savannah Bananas. He is a sort after speaker who promotes the motto "if it's normal, do the exact opposite" and is the author of Find Your Yellow Tux and the host of one of my favourite podcasts Business Done Differently.  On this episode we discuss: Asking yourself what business am I in and then what business am I really in? Challenging the friction points of your business.  Learning from outside of your industry and bringing this knowledge back into your industry.   The importance of having fun - take your work seriously but don’t take yourself too seriously.  "No one gets home and says they met the most professional person today. Instead, they will talk about how you made them feel and what was unique about you and made you stand out".  Pay attention to every touchpoint with your patients. Think about your customer journey and what are the friction points. "There's nothing worse than someone dropping the F-Bomb about your business. You don't want them to say their experience was FINE".  The 5 E’s Eliminate the Friction Macro-Friction (Industry Level) Micro-Friction (voice mail, innocence’s, etc.) Entertain Always - provide entertaining touchpoints. Experiment constantly - Your success is a direct function of how many experiments we do per year, per month, per week, per day.  Engage Deeply Empower Action - don’t be afraid to fail. Think about what your 2.0 or 3.0 version is of what you currently do. "10, 20, 30 40 years ago, boring was acceptable, but this is no longer the case." Ask Yourself Do you want to have a beer with your business? Is your business fun enough that you want to hang out and have fun? Unfortunately, most businesses are not fun.  What if it did? Maybe some of this information does not apply to podiatry, but what if it did? How would this change the way you approach your patients or run your business?  Open your mind up to the possibility of doing tungs differently.  Worst Case  If you embrace this new thinking or implement a new idea, you need to consider the worst-case scenario, but sometimes the best thing that can happen is even bigger.  Wear Your T-Shirt What would it take for people to wear a shirt with your business name on the front...that’s when people feel they belong to something.  Who are you not for? When you make changes to your business or start delivering what you do differently, there will be people that do not like it and would prefer you to be like everyone else, and that's great. You don't want to be for everyone...that's boring.  If you have any questions about this episode, please email me at If you want to learn more about my next 12-Week Podiatry Business Reboot or join the Podiatry Business Owners Club on Facebook, please follow the links.         .