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#118: Breaking The Chains of Motherhood, Poetry as Self-healing & Escaping Escapism with Sez Kristiansen

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Top Snippets - #118: Breaking The Chains of Motherhood, Poetry as Self-healing & Escaping Escapism with Sez Kristiansen
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"Sez is an internationally acclaimed poetess and author, born in Southern Africa under two generations from six different cultures. She has traveled extensively throughout her life, and lived in some of the remotest parts of the world, including many years spent in Sri Lanka deepening her spiritual practice. After two children, Sez settled into a more conventional life and became a creative writer for some of the biggest fashion brands in Europe. After years of struggling with anxiety and chronic depression due to the societal pressures of being a mother and a working full-time in the fashion industry, Sez redesigned and downsized her entire life to fit the freedom and wanderlust she once resonated so deeply with. Sez now lives in a commune in Denmark with her Viking husband and children and continues to travel adventurously throughout the world with her young family. Sez empowers people with transformational mind, body and soul guides that inspire her readers to live truly unique, unconventional and untethered lives, driven by their own blueprint of freedom. Sez will awaken you to your own free-spirited nature, which has the power to guide you to your own truly authentic, abundant and deeply nourishing life." Join us for a conversation of freedom being an inside job, balancing "the mother" and "the woman" inside each one of us and how to stop escaping negative mindsets that keep us stuck. Here are the details:  Going from psychosis to living with better mental health and greater self-love  Meeting "The Viking" Husband How Sez implemented intentional living into her life Why poetry can be an act of self-healing & liberation The nature of escapism and how to find your way out The paradox of freedom & rebellion in motherhood How to balance the mother vs. the woman and intertwining both Turning failures and challenges into lessons learned Why the concept of the 50/50 division in marriage doesn't work And much more... Subscribe to the podcast and get your shownotes at P. S. Sign up for the free, exclusive training from me on “The Lie of Female Success: How to Get Unstuck, Release Pressure & Stop Trying to Do It All” to find out: How to overcome the "Superwoman Syndrome" so you can start living in freedom, with ease, and owning your truth True feminine power and what you can do right now to begin feeling supported, stop pushing & controlling your life and men How to rediscover, embrace and cultivate feminine flow and become embodied so you can stop overthinking and start making decisions from the heart The essence of masculine/feminine polarity and how to attract and magnify the relationship you want And much more… Sign up at