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#118 Chris Masterjohn PhD on Avoiding Nutrient Deficiencies and Structuring a Robust Diet

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Are you getting enough essential nutrients in your diet? Do your genetics or lifestyle habits predispose you to certain deficiencies and errors?
Welcome to the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast. I’m your host Siim Land and our guest today is Chris Masterjohn. Chris has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and he’s currently an independent researcher. He has a website where he creates content and courses about optimizing nutrition.
How Chris Went From Vegan to Weston A Price 01:30
Are Vegan Diets Nutrient Dense Enough 09:45
The 80/20 Rule of Nutrition 23:02
What Are the Most Nutrient Dense Foods 31:49
Are You Eating Too Much Meat 37:48
What Is Optimal Nutrition 45:55
Benefits to Nutrient Deficiencies and Hormesis 46:55
Fasting and Feasting 01:02:00
And much more...
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