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Highlight of The Beerists 216 - Hard To Get

From Audio: Audio of The Beerists 216 - Hard To Get

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Listen to this audio snippet of episode 216 of The Beerists podcast where host John Rubio and his guests will try 5 legendary beers that have insidious mysteries behind them.
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Occasionally, beer will be so lust-worthy, it transforms into legend. Like Ahab's white whale, they taunt us with their unattainability and mystery. The host, John Rubio, together with his special guests has obtained 5 of those to see if they live up to the hype.
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Thank you. Episode number 2 16 of the Theorists Podcast recorded on April 11th 2016. Hard Thio way. One thing that I didn't realize about trying to get a quote unquote rare ish beer show going is how hard it would be to get these beers. Yeah, that tends to be in the issue. It was so fucking difficult. I had to trade for a couple of them and a few of them. One of them got sent to us. And John Hopped luckily, hooked us up with one of them, but it's fucking hard getting rare beer. Yeah, it's weird. It just seems like people aren't willing toe make reasonable trades anymore either. I remember back when you could easily trade something for just whatever. But now people want an arm and a leg, and yeah, it's really weird to see you with only one arm. It's the left. Well, luckily, I can't do drawings without my right, man. And and you've got pants on. What the hell else did you give up? Well, hand jobs. Yeah, some hand jobs, maybe one or two. I'm pretty sure that nobody's gonna give up rare beer for a hand job. from who? I mean, he's Internet famous. Yeah. You know, world went down. John Rubio. My hand jobs are really rare. I love that you're, like a D list celebrity of a niche of a niche of a niche. That's, you know, yeah, my hand jobs. Or at least hard to get as toppling Goliath s r 71. You know, uh, actually, it wasn't that hard to get one from you. I had one. I was wearing a glove. Doesn't know I got a rim job. So that za different. That's an order of magnitude of difference. Yeah, we should probably start this recording again. Wait, wait, wait For what? Beer? I It was for no beer. Wow. Yeah, I know. It was for nothing. Sucks it. I'm John Rubio with me today. I have a ragtag group of people starting with Anna Stasia. I don't like being first. Kelly. What does it matter? Yeah, I mean, I'm not used to being first. Well, we introduced the people who are usually on the show, and then the person we've invited in when one of us decided not to come usually do that second. Okay, Well, I was gonna ask you how you're doing, but I don't care. Also in the fourth chair, Mike Lambert. How you doing? I'm doing fantastic. Good? Yeah. Having a good day? Yeah, I just got it was fucking hot today. Well, I feel like you missed all the innuendo that I had in my intro. Where was the everywhere? It was like dripping with it. You normally dripping with it? You missed it. Hey, who's this strange person sitting next to me? Yeah, we also have with us. John. John. How are you? I'm actually beat. Really? Yeah, what we're doing. He was bitching about how tired he was from just getting back from Mexico on Saturday night. You go to Mexico for a week with my wife and kids. So did you stay in, like, a slum or something? No. Did you go to Do you like yard work in Mexico? Yeah. We went just to Milan's just a, um They work my trick. Old is a push. She cannot push him over your two year old. My two year old cannot push him over. Why not ask my wife what people getting one of those driving motors and she can't drive. She drinks a lot, Pop. Pop our wheels. You know, you could get a d W I on power wheels. A friend of mine learned that in college it's actually another friend of mine. This guy I used to hang out with was a quadriplegic. He got a D w y for driving his chair down the street with his chin. If it wasn't bad enough that he's quadriplegic. I know that you can't have a drink and get around. Walk home s Everybody missed the air quotes. Sorry. That was awesome. Yeah, but that's actually true. Like he got a d w y for driving his chair home because he doesn't have any use of anything under his neck. No hand jobs for him. Yeah, I mean, he could have won, I guess from him. He can't give any of them. Hey, so we got this show that we're doing again Very hard to get beers. Some of these air easier to get than others. Thanks for arranging this, though. Yeah, I know that there was work put into this was a lot of fucking pain, actually. Wondered where you were going to get the beers from one day and can't have shown up here yet, so Yeah, it didn't happen yet, but yeah, we've got a pretty good line up today, I would say. But before we get to that, let's do some housekeeping. I usually ask for emails to be sent to us info at the beer snot commerce where you could do that. We look for things that we could discuss on the microphone. So if you have any questions like that, send it in. We didn't get anything suitable for air in the last couple of weeks. So if you have anything you want us to talk about Senate, another thing that I do is I think, people for their iTunes reviews. We haven't gotten one in a couple of weeks, either. Motherfuckers. Yeah, it kind of sucks. Do that. If you haven't done that, get onto the iTunes
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