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Snippet of The Hilarious World of Depression: Adventures in Therapy

From Audio: Adventures in Therapy

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Finding a good therapist is sometimes a journey, but it can be so helpful in the long run! Hear four people's experiences trying to find the right therapist for them.
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Managing your mental health alone can be tough, and a therapist can be really helpful in that guiding you through that journey. Some people find their perfect therapist right away, and sometimes it takes a couple of tries to find the right match, but if you are patient and willing to open up to somebody who wants to help you, it will pay off in the long run. 'Adventures in Therapy' is a series of voice memos from people recounting their experiences to and from therapy.
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Hey, John, this is Erica Chambers from Boulder, Colorado. I went to therapist after my sister passed away, and I was already dealing with depression, and I was dealing with grief on top of that. And I really wanted to just go to a therapist to find some coping strategies so I could continue toe work, which I needed to do toe live, you know? And so I went toe therapist through my employee assistance program, and it was this random guy in a office building that smelled like good. Well, and there was a boom box playing seventies music and this little closet that I guess was supposed to be a reception area. Um, but I walked in and there was nothing on his walls except, ah, clock on Elvis clock with just his pelvis going back and forth with the second hand. And it was so loud and distracting. And when I asked the guy, you know, for coping strategies, just ways to kind of get through my workday, he freaked out and he said, um, coping strategies. I don't think you understand how much you've lost. I don't think you understand how profound this is. I mean, every holiday, every Christmas, every Thanksgiving, every Easter, you're going to be thinking about your sister on her birthday. I mean, this is terrible. This is going to affect the rest of your life, even on Flag Day. And like, he brought up Flag Day, which at the time, I didn't even realize was a riel holiday. Um, so I left crying. But now every flag day, I laugh because I e I mean, you know, you gotta laugh. It's just one more day to grieve on a day I didn't even know existed. So thank you, therapist for that sometimes on unexpected guest could be a very big help. Yes, it can. Oh, yes, it can. This is Cat from Atlanta, Georgia. My therapist. Ah ha! Moment. What happened when I was in college? After seeing a couple therapists on and off through student health, I finally got sent to a private practice so someone could see me for more than six weeks. When I called to make my first appointment at the first therapist on my list, The last thing she said to me after setting up the appointment was oh, on Thursdays, I bring my golden retriever to the office. That's a problem for you. Let me know, and I'll keep her home. I spent every Thursday for the next eight months sitting on the floor with Skylar as we work through my general anxiety, depression and family issues. And then when my class schedule change for my last semester, Skyler Skyler Schedule change, too. She started coming on Tuesdays to see me. Skylar wasn't a trained therapy dog, just a goofy golden with a pure heart, very soft fur and a very amazing therapist as an owner. Seven years later, I still haven't found another therapist team as amazing as missing and Skylar. Don't underestimate how purely therapeutic it could be to have a living thing that loves you devoutly and unconditionally and who always exists in the moment, fearing neither the past nor the future, even though they do poop on the rug sometimes still on balance. Yea, dogs. Chris got some good insight in therapy. It just wasn't the kind he was expecting. This is Chris Mundy from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I had a therapist in college, a grad student who's getting practical hours, and they sort of our second session by saying, Why don't you just admit that you're gay? There's nothing wrong with it except for the fact that I went for homesickness, not my existential struggle with my sexuality. Though I denied at the time it turns out that she was right. Whoops. Therapy is about two people trying to understand each other, and sometimes it works out, even if the patient doesn't even read the same comic strips as the therapist. Hi, my name is Jerry Hain filled. I live in ST Paul, Minnesota. Finding that perfect their best requires opening up to a complete stranger about all of your thoughts and feelings. That's pretty scary when you have anxiety to begin with. It's especially hard when you've already tried doing that and haven't really found a good connection with someone else. But I'm here to say it's so worth it to just keep trying. I finally found someone who asked all the right questions to make me think differently about things in my life. It is a little weird when he compares the 19 eighties nineties Dilbert cartoon to my work life. I don't get it. I usually smile and nod and quickly changed the subject. Um, I can kind of Overlook that weirdness because I do see him as a very good friend. Ah, good friend. That does get paid to be super supportive and very non judgmental to me. But I look forward to every visit, and that makes it worthwhile.
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