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Snippet of Seasonal Anime Checkup OVA - Podcast: Fooly Cooly Review

From Audio: Seasonal Anime Checkup OVA Episode #70 - FLCL

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Duration: 10:27
The Pillows played a role in making the show so iconic. It’s hard to go back to a show like this because it’s of the time, era, and place it was released.
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The Pillows played a role in making the show so iconic. It’s hard to go back to a show like this because it’s of the time, era, and place it was released. The best episode is Ep2 “Fire Starter” because it has a defined arch, an easy-to-follow storyline, and in-depth character development.
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turn of the century hit fully, Cooley or as not wised up Jared for a good amount of time. Just thought it was called fl cl. Like That's okay. And then I saw it started. I started seeing people call it fully cool. Like they They say that because, like you're trying to say the letters in conjunction with each other, like football. Okay. Mm. That's what happens when I don't want to show. And everyone else has watched it, apparently. Yeah. Cool. Uh, so, yeah, I had not watched the show. I've known about it because, like, obviously, if you run around anime culture for good enough time, you're going to run and do it and people talking about it. But strangely enough, the thing that got me to watch it wasn't just like, oh, curiosity about the show itself. Yeah, no, because I kind of forgot that it existed because, like, they were I mean, I had curiosity value, but like I didn't realize it was a six episode run. I figured it was like a full season, so I was like, Well, that's a lot of time to the vote. I don't know, but, you know, uh, adult swim did their April Fool's saying where they showed everything in Japanese. And the big thing about this was that they premiered the first episode of Full equally alternative, which isn't set to air until later this year. And I watched that I was like, Well, this is strange and kind of weird, but also kind of interesting. So, like I'm intrigued. So I should probably go back and watch that original series now, before those new shows come to be. And that's what we did. Yep. I had to re watch it because, um, I guess for my background on this, I watched it when it first aired on adult swim, like in the early two thousands. Uh, so when I was a a we l I watched this and by well, I mean, like, what? I was a teenager. Um, I think, Yeah, it originally aired No three. Then that would make you like mid teens. Yeah, I was in high school when I watched it. Um, and I remember that I really, really liked it. And the big thing that I took out of it was that I became like a big fan of the pillows I feel like that's a big selling point for just everyone who comes out of the show. Yeah, I mean, because most people, at least that I knew of didn't know about the pillows until this. And then when they came out, they were like, Oh, they're really good and like, yeah, they're really good. Um, so that was my big thing when we were watching the April Fool's thing. Because we're both waiting up for Joe Joe and didn't get Jo Jo until, well, the sort of Jo Jo anyway, Um, when we were watching, it was like, I really, really hope that with this new new series, they include the pillows as well because, like, that's what made part of full, equally so iconic was the music of it. And so that was That was my big, big takeaway of the series was just liking the band. I'm pretty sure like when they they fully announced it like, Hey, we're coming back with a new series of this. Like that was the first thing they, like, announced as well. Like, yeah, we got them as well, so don't worry. Yeah, I mean, it would be really, really depressing if you had any kind of fully coolly without the pillows. Honestly, the pillows could just do something without fully cool the to which they do. But they are a band by themselves. Yes, they are banned by themselves. I'm saying that like they don't have to have full equally to be a good, successful band. That's what I'm trying to say. Generally, just listen to the pillows. So, like I said earlier, this is a very turn of the century show, specifically because it debuted in 2000 in Japan. Uh, and it's an ov a series. So it ran from April 2000 all the way until March 2000 and one. So six episodes split over nearly a year, so it's a good couple of months in between. One of the primary reasons why the animation in the show is fantastic is because, you know, having that much time in between episodes, you're gonna be able to do a little bit more things than if you're just doing a normal season round of a show. Yeah, the the animation is spot on like it is beautiful. It was, of course, also done by Dynex, who most notably are famous for the Evangelion series. Take that for what? You will, uh, and also production. I did some work on it as well, and they're they're the team that's going to be doing the sequel series because I don't think Dynex exists anymore. Hm. Or maybe they do. But I don't think like they're the same type of company. I don't know, I could be wrong. This says they still exist, but, like, they're like, I don't think they're doing much stuff anymore. Hm. I don't know if you're aware of this, and you might, because you have the Wikipedia page up, but, um Stephanie Shea, who you know as a soggy, uh, was also involved with the production of the US version of this. Yeah, I saw her in the credits. I saw her name. I was like, Huh? She's in there twice because she uses her, like stage name for voicing. But then Stephanie Shea, as herself, did like the producing for it. Um, because she was shoot. I have the Wikipedia page up, and I'm never gonna remember her name. The 17 year old girl that's his ex, his brother's ex girlfriend or whatever. Mommy. Me that she voices her, but also like she was very, very involved with bringing it over. So I think that's really interesting that, um, like, she was so instrumental in the process because that's not something you usually think of when you think of like voice actors. I guess it makes it makes a lot of sense for her because I think she she did a lot of like the She was like the voice director for, like, a silent voice. Yeah, so, like, she's probably done like a bunch of stuff like that. So, yeah, she's she's more involved in, like production stuff than a lot of voice actors are. But, um, this is probably probably my first experience with her. You can see like I didn't really know much about her then because it was 2003. So but I would Yeah, I would assume this is a pretty early role for her. Yeah, that's like on Wikipedia. It's her third credited role, so at least in voice acting for anime. So and I mean, like I said, she's become like, really prolific and like the animation video game world, so it's pretty impressive to see like this is one of her first roles and that she was so involved with it. So I'm assuming she, like, had some form of attachment to it. It's just funny to think she went from this. And then, like a year later, she was doing Shadow Hearts Covenant. She was anesthesia. I love anesthesia. So let's talk about the show. Let's do it because I digested all those six episodes. That's impressive. Yeah, I got them right through the right through the intestines. Don't say that. Sounds very about And it's one of those things were genuinely I don't know what to think about it. And I've been trying to wrap my head about like, Okay, is this good? Is it bad? And I'm like, Legitimately, I don't know. Yeah, there's parts of it I can appreciate, but there's also parts of it, you know, like we talked about where it's really a show that is of its era. It is of its time period, and a lot of shows that are like that, even if they are very influential and just iconic in certain ways, are very hard to go back to because they are of a time and place and rewatching those in different eras or cultures or context, like you're not gonna get the same experience that you would if you would have seen it back when it was originally airing. Yeah, and I think with, like, my my version of this viewing experience was again. I watched it when I was a teenager, and then I went back and watched it. Now I'm 30 and 30 year old. Me thinks a lot of very, very different things than teenage me who was still living in Tennessee. So I mean, oh, I just I can't say that I like love it anymore. Um, I do think that one episode is by far the best, like hands down. In my opinion, it is the best episode of the entire six the Fire Starter episode. That one to me was really good because it had, like, a very defined art. Um, you got a lot of character development, Uh, and it was beautiful, but the story itself was actually, like, easy to follow. It made sense. And, um, it gave a lot of back story to this character who, like from the first episode, you kind of get like a creeper vibe off of At least I did because I'm like, 30 years old and thinking that she's going after a 12 year old and that's really gross. Um, but you start understanding like, Wow, this girl really has problems. But I thought that Fire Starter was still it was still a good episode. Um, some of the other ones, I can't say the same about.
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