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020: [LIFE] 3 Ways to Build New Habits & Change Your Mindset

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How to Stack Habits & Change your Mindset with Jenna Lockhart and Lauren Mayer You’re listening to Episode 020 of Fulfilled – The Podcast. Today we are chatting with Jenna Lockhart and Lauren Mayer of Fit.And.Social & Women on a Virtual Mission. Jenna and Lauren are friends turned business partners who are sharing their passion for self-care, meeting basic needs, and a healthy relationship with health and wellness. They’ve both journeyed through disordered eating, obsession with weight loss, and an unhealthy relationship with yo-yo dieting and weight loss. They’ve both become obsessed with sharing this healed mindset and healthy relationship to their bodies with the world. Lauren shares her thoughts on personal development and how we have to be ready to execute on information that we consume. Jenna and Lauren are experts in taking baby steps and using a tool called habit stacking to establish healthy habits that are sustainable in your life. Nutrition, exercise, mindset work are all such important factors in this health journey. Healthy bodies aren’t a specific weight or a specific size. As women it’s time to free ourselves from the obsession with weight, thin, and bikini bodies and time to embrace our bodies. Jenna and Lauren empower us to see our bodies as a blessing and to find the equilibrium of health for us. It doesn’t look like your best friend, your neighbor or your sister. Your deep-seated challenges, mindsets and problems can resurface over time. This is a healing process that is full of three steps forward and one step back. What we can do is to learn and grow over time to reset and re-establish those healthy habits. We all know by now that your all-or-nothing mindset isn’t serving you. We all need grace throughout this thing called life. It’s not all-or-nothing. All is not lost if you step off the path, lose sight of the goal, and deviate from the plan. What we have to have is established habits to fall back on to help lose this all-or-nothing mindset. If you leave with just ONE TAKEAWAY – pick whatever aspect of life you want to start working on – start a habit – master it – stack it into your day. For example – if the goal is to drink half of your body weight in ounces – stack the water habit on top of the brush your teeth habit. Once the water habit is solid, then you can put your workout clothing on…. Then once you’re in the habit of getting dressed in workout clothing…. Then start moving your body. Morning Routines aren’t cookie cutter and it’s not a jump from Point A to Point Z to establish this routine that serves us. It’s step-wise. It’s baby steps. It’s adding one established habit on top of another and so on and so forth. Ultimately you need to make sure that you understand your WHY – the deep WHY – to make sure that you truly want to do what you are committing to do. Unearthing those deep reasons why is crucial to implementing the plan. You’ll leave this episode feeling inspired to change your life, one habit stacked on another habit at a time! FREE QUICK-START GUIDE TO CLARIFY YOUR CORE VALUES MEET JENNA & LAUREN MEET TRACY FOLLOW FULFILLED – THE PODCAST