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2021 Christmas Gift Guide Part 2

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Great gift ideas for the Photographer in your life.
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For your photography gear. Now this one is the dual camera system version to this is the one that I use. It's a professional Quick draw carry system for up to two cameras and they can accommodate heavy lenses as well, It comes with everything you need. You have the belt, the one holster that's already a part of the belt that's permanently attached to the belt. You have an add on holster and then it also comes with two clips, a left clip and a right click. Now what the clips do while I should say mounting plates do is they mount on the tripod mount on the bottom of your camera. So one quarter 20 thread and then what they do is they have a little ball on one end, not that sticks out with the ball and that slides into the slot on the holster on each side so the camera drops down in and locks tight in place so it won't fall off. And then they actually have a slightly hidden lock mechanism. So a little switch that you flip and the nice thing about that is that prevents somebody from running up when you're doing street photography or you're somewhere else out in public and having them steal your camera because anytime you have it in there, I recommend flipping that little lock. So if they run up and try to grab your camera, they're not gonna be able to get it. Now, this is especially important if you happen to live in the san Francisco bay area because as you may or may not be aware there have been a lot of photographers robbed out there recently. It's been an epidemic in that city and as a matter of fact, not too long ago a professional news crew was out shooting a news story and they had a professional guard bodyguard with them who was a retired police officer and he was actually killed in the process of the robbery, which is extremely sad, but this will prevent somebody from running up and stealing your cameras. Now, the One size belt fits most the belt adjusts from 28 inches to 50 inches or 71 to 27 centimeters. Now again this is not an inexpensive item but trust me it is worth the money to keep your cameras safe and secure the Price is $265. And as I said, this is the system that I use and very, very highly recommend for your photography gear when you're out and about and you're trying to do your photography and not have to worry about your gear being safe. This is definitely the way to do it. The next item I have for you is the peak design camera capture clip, version three And you can get these in either silver or black. Now this is another type of carry system. The really cool thing about this particular system by peak design is the clip can be attached to like the shoulder strap on your existing camera backpack or messenger bag and then allow you to mount and lock your camera into place that way. So it's another Kerry system. It does come with its own proprietary mini tripod plate that mounts on the bottom of the camera that locks tightly and securely in.