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After a necessary delay, the movie awards season has officially kicked off with the nominations for the 2021 Golden Globe awards! Jeremy and Ryan are here to break down all the nominees, who the early favorites are and who was snubbed!
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kick it off of the bottom here. Best performance by an actor in a television supporting role. John Boyega for small acts. Brendan Gleeson for the Comey Rule, Daniel Levy for Shits Creek, Jim Parsons for Hollywood and Donald Sutherland for the undoing. I've got to say, Ryan, I really like this list. I think most people would go with Dan Levy here just because Ships Creek's been running the gamut here. But Brendan Gleeson was quite incredible in the Comey rule, and I'm actually a big fan of Jim Parsons in Hollywood, too. I think he had a great art there. What do you think about this? Um, this this category is definitely probably the one that got spot on. I think Dan Levy Levy is gonna run the gamut. But John Boy again, small acts. I've read nothing but good things about his performance on bond. Brendan, Brendan Gleeson does a great Donald Trump. Other than that, I mean, I think this is a very solid category, especially rounded out with Donald Sutherland and the end doing. I only caught a few episodes of that, but I mean, he was definitely a very good supporting character, especially when you have your supporting people like Nicole Kidman. Hugh Grant? Yeah, absolutely. That show is packs a hard emotional punch. So let's keep it rolling here. Best actor in. Hey, let's see here I For some reason I got cut off. I'm pretty sure. Best actor in a limited series here. So Bryan Cranston for Your Honor, Jeff Daniels for the Comey rule. Hugh Grant for the undoing. Ethan Hawke for the Good Lord Bird, which I still not Watch what I really want Thio, Mark Mark Ruffalo for I know this much is true. So, Ryan, what's your read on this one? This is a stack category like and all these performance have gotten some type of buzz. You know, Ethan Hawke, the good Lord Bird. He plays John Brown. And that book, the book that it's based off, is just completely crazy. And he is just completely crazy in this. You know, you got Mark Ruffalo, who was great in that HBO film Hugh Grant, who was awesome and Thea undoing theon doing. I haven't seen your Honor, but I've heard good things, so it's really good. It's really good. Yeah, but for me, this one's all Mark Ruffalo. I watched. I know this much is true just a few weeks ago and the double duty he's pulling their I'm always shocked when actors air able to play two parts, um, twin parts and very distinctly distinguished themselves in each of those seasons. Eso I just think that's his toe win right now, and or at least I'm hoping because he was so incredible in that. But you're right stack category here, so let's keep it going. Best performance by an actor in a television series, musical or comedy. Don Cheadle for Black Monday. Nicholas Hoult for the Great Eugene Levy for Shits Creek. Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso and Romney, Yousef and Romney. I know Craig is very happy about Jason Sudeikis nomination. He is a total Ted lasso stand, but, I mean, it's got to be Eugene Levy, right? Yeah, there's no doubt has worn off all these. All these roles are great. You know, Remy is fantastic. You know, Nicholas whole really funny. Turn in the great, But that show is underrated. That show is what it is. But you know Eugene Levy, It's his year. He deserves it too. Yeah, absolutely. So not much to mince words. They're great nominees. Best performance by an actor in a television series drama, though. Jason Bateman for Ozark. Josh O Connor for the Crown. Bob Odenkirk For Better Call, Saul, Al Pacino for Hunters, Love That Nomination and Matthew Reese for Perry Mason again. Ryan Stacked category here. I don't know which one you want to choose on this. I guess I'll just go with Jason Bateman because it seems like Ozarks finally getting some love. But I would be fine with any of these people winning, I think I think Bateman to, you know, Joshua Connor, that that's nice. He played a very good, ruthless Prince Charles Bob Odenkirk. You know the booth biggest. The biggest surprise here, and I have not seen hunters is Al Pacino. So, you know, I think I think blue hair guilty pleasure. Lou here is gonna be really happy with that, but that's a really good man. You should watch it because it's it's based off a comic book and it Z it's really it really packs a good punch, and he's part of the big twist and stuff in that show on Get some you really don't see coming So I'm pretty psyched that he got nominated. Yeah, absolutely. The biggest surprise. Well, I should say. Biggest surprise. But one of the surprises? Yeah, exactly. So let's keep our own best performance by an actress in a television supporting role. Gillian Anderson for the Crown, Helena Bonham Carter for the Crown, Julia Garner for Ozark, Annie Murphy for Shits Creek and Cynthia Nixon for Ratcheted. I'm pretty surprised by the amount of love Ratchet got in these nominations, but the foreign press loves Ryan Murphy. They love Ryan Murphy, but you're you're pretty sure that this one's gonna go to Gillian Anderson. Or do you think Annie Murphy can pull an upset here? I don't I don't It's gonna be either Murphy or Anderson, but I think Anderson really nailed Margaret Thatcher. And if the Hollywood foreign press so they love all things British, I think sometimes, right, that's true. That's true. And she she is fantastic. Is Margaret Thatcher there? I mean, like it is. It is quite amazing how how that turned goes, I would dare say even better than Meryl Streep's Oscar winning turn Miss Margaret Thatcher s So let's keep it rolling. Your best performance by an actress in a limited Siri's anthology series or motion picture made for television. Cate Blanchett from Miss America. Daisy Edgar Jones for Normal people. Sharia, Haas for unorthodox, Nicole Kidman for the undoing and Anya Taylor Joy for the Queen's Gambit Again some huge names here. But I got to say, Man, I really love Daisy Jones performance and normal people I really dio. But Anya Taylor Joy, I think, was just in another level in the queen's gambit, that would be my pick. Right now, this is this category is gonna be one to watch. I think this is gonna be one. That's it's very uncertain at this point, but I think with the queen's gambit getting a lot of popularity, I think that's gonna help on Taylor. Joyous chances. But I think you're going to get a planned chef for Miss Americana purpose America, Um, Nicole Kidman for the undoing. I mean, she thinks, is going great in that she's really good. This'll race is gonna be a tight one. Yeah, absolutely. Well, let's get to another one, I think is gonna be pretty tight here. The best performance by an actress in a television series musical or comedy. Well, relatively Lily Collins for Emily in Paris, Kaley Cuoco for the flight attendants. Elle Fanning for the great Jane Levy for Zoey's extraordinary playlist, and Catherine O Hara for Shits Creek. Obviously, we both think Catherine O'Hara has the inside track here, but do not sleep on something like a Lily Collins because Emily in Paris was just so popular on again. The foreign press. We never know what's gonna happen with these people. Yeah, I mean case Kaley Cuoco coming out of left field. You know, flight Attendant is definitely a surprise. It a lot of people like it. It's very popular. She's fantastic in it. You know, Ellie Fanning is, you know, definitely has that strong female presence in the great, but Catherine O'Hara. There's a There's no way. I mean, just always give Catherine O'Hare the award, no matter what she does. All right. Best performance by an actress in a television series drama, This is the big one here. Olivia Colman for the Crown, Jody Coomer for Killing Eve, Emma Corrine for the crown, Laura Linney for Ozark and Sarah Paulson for Ratcheted Man. Sarah Paulson could just do no wrong. Um, right. Do you think that this is a race between the crown actors here? Do you think Laura Linney might be able to sneak in here? I think Laura Linney is gonna be the dark hole. Of course. A zoo. Much as I loved Emma Corwin, the window watch here is gonna be Olivia Colman. Um, this is definitely, you know, this is her second year being Queen Elizabeth. And this year was definitely her better year. As as a portrayal on it is her last. So I think they're gonna nominate that. I don't. It's gonna interest to see what's gonna happen with best supporting actor drama for film. But we'll talk about that, right? Right. All right, let's keep it rolling here with the best Limited. Siri's normal people. The queen's gambit, small acts, the undoing and unorthodox. Um, I don't really I really don't know on this one, you could really like toss it up here because, you know, you would like to think that, like, the actor categories give you a read on this, But really, with the globes that it really doesn't weigh love to spread it out, it is very spread out to even the nominations like, you know, small acts only has one other nomination, and yet it's nominated for best, uh, Z miniseries. So But to me, I think it's either gonna be the undoing or the Queen's game. But I think the undoing this is where it's going to get the love. Um, but it very well could be the queen's gambit. Yeah, definitely. All right, let's keep it rolling here. Best television series, musical or comedy? Emily in Paris, the flight attendant, The Great Shits Creek and Ted Lasso. I mean, we don't need to say much here, right? Uh, Creek just put it down. That's my guarantee of the of the night. Yeah. I mean, all these shows had great years, but shits Creek, I mean 100% on rotten tomatoes for their final season. It is a very good show. It ended positively. Jump the shark. It deserves this wind. Oh, yeah, They totally nailed the ending. Nailed the ending on Shits Creek. Alright. Best television series drama will wrap up our television categories here. The Crown Lovecraft country, The man DeLorean, baby. Oh, and Ratchet, I am so surprised. Ratchet got one of these nominations. I'm sure it's gonna piss a lot of people off, but yeah, I love seeing the man DeLorean and love crack out. You're here because I love seeing the genre, you know, like the kind of like niche genre shows getting in there. Um, do you think any of them have a shot at winning? No. The crown. It's gonna be the crown. Um, you know, all these shows air fresh and and the only I think that has an absolute chances, Ozarks. But the crown this season was definitely by far the best.