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Who made the 2021 MLB All Star game roster, and who was snubbed? Listen to the host take a deep dive on logistics of the all star game, why it shouldn't just be about meeting quotas, who made it, and who didn't that deserved to be in the game on July 13.
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All right. All right. All right. Let's get back to the pot and let's discuss those All Star snubs because I believe mostly looking at the NL roster, there was some All Star snubs by my estimation. Not really an american league roster. I think they got it pretty much all correct and looking over their team, but just on the overall point of the All Star Game. Can we all agree that not every team should have an All Star representative. I mean you don't see that in the NFL, you don't see that in the N. B. A. It's kind of silly to just let players into the All Star Game to hit a quota. I mean the All Star Game, the winner is supposed to have home field advantage in the World Series. What do you want the best players in baseball to be on that team? Now? They have taken that rule out the MLB All Star Game no longer determines home field advantage in the World Series. But still the point stands, why put players into the All Star Game just because of a quota? I mean that I think that rule doesn't make much sense. Yes, they could alienate some fan bases. But guess what? Those fan bases, you want? Those teams have all stars in the game. Tell those fan bases, Tell those teams to get better players. The D backs probably shouldn't have had any All stars this year. I love Eduardo escobar but he's had a decent campaign. He's got some all star numbers in certain categories. But there are a couple of guys who would have, I would have over Eduardo escobar in the All Star Game. Not everyone should be in. This is not a participation trophy. This is the All Star Game. You could use that All Star nod in contract negotiations. Uh, Sometimes I know in the basketball, if you make a All NBA team All Star game, it could affect, you know, trigger bonuses in your contract. I'm not too sure in baseball, but hey, you can definitely get more money in those negotiations when you say, hey, I'm a two time, three time All Star, our first time All Star, maybe the deep actually get more for Eduardo escobar now that he's an All star, it's silly to think about not putting the best players in the game based on merit just because you want to have a representative from every team to make everyone feel good to make everyone feel like they're participating in the game. So overall, I think that's really dumb by the All Star Game. I, I can't think of a better word, but dumb, but there shouldn't be a cascade of mediocre players going to the All Star game. It should be the best talent in the world because I care about the integrity of the game. Yes, it's a meaningless game. The pro bowls, a meaningless game, the NBA All Star games and meaningless game. But I believe for the integrity of the game, when you go back and look at All star people who have gotten all star nods, we already say too many people are probably All Stars that All Star roster's already probably too big in both the NFL the NBA there's probably already too many All Stars and there's always gonna be guys left off the roster that are pretty good. But there shouldn't be guys left off the roster because you had to give it to someone else just because they're a team had to have a representative. I just think that doesn't make much sense. But with that being said, let's go through the guys who were snubbed from the All Star game. We could go through position by position to see if there's anyone, I mean capture, I don't think there's really anyone you're disagreeing with from the catcher position and even league Salvador, Perez, mike Zunino both made it and then you have buster posey and J. T. Realmuto, I don't think you're really disagreeing with either of those first base. I'm not disagreeing as well. In the American League or National League, you had Vladimir Guerrero, jr matt Olsen and Jared Walsh all make it. And then in the National League you had Freddie Freeman, you had max Muncy and you had, that's pretty much all the first base. And so no disagreements there. When I looked at second base, I might have had an issue with Jazz Chisholm not making it as a reserve instead. You had uh jake Cronin worth as a reserve. I had to look at those numbers kind of closely. But in the end I wasn't ultimately to upset with it, shortstop. I didn't have a problem with either one. I don't think Tim Anderson was getting or Willie and Domus despite his hot start since making it to the brewers, I don't think either one are good enough to be, you know, short stops for the, for the All Star game. I think the All Star Game shortstop in the american League was pretty loaded and they got all those guys in now third base, not the American League, but the National League is where I have my
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