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#36 - Milam Byers

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Ten years ago, if you would have asked someone who knew anything about the CCM Industry if they'd heard of Milam Byers, their answer would probably have been something along the lines of, "Yeah. He's in the band Bleach." And they would have been correct.
But something has shifted in the last ten years and I love what's happened. As people would ask me who I have coming up on the podcast and I would tell them that Milam's episode is on the way, I would see their faces light up. "I love that guy!" "He's so nice!" and "He's great to be around!" were all responses I got on more than one occasion.
Stop and think about that. In a time when everyone is identified by their career or what they do (John? He's a painter. Mary? She's a bank teller. Steve? Oh yeah, the guy at the hardware store), Milam is identified by who he is. That's pretty incredible, if you ask me.
Listen to this conversation with Milam and you'll start to understand why his rep is something we should all strive to have.