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How These Leaders Discovered Their “Why” After Conquering Chronic Illness and How It Applies to Sales

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Top Snippets - How These Leaders Discovered Their “Why” After Conquering Chronic Illness and How It Applies to Sales
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This is episode 381. Read the complete transcription on the Sales Game Changers Podcast website. JP DAVITT: "Speak from the heart. Allow your spirit to speak through you. Everyone has their own internal vibration and your vibration resonates in your communication, your tone, your nonverbal and even your endurance. Everyone knows as a salesperson how important endurance is. Meditate on speaking with a pure heart and speak it into existence the same way you do your sales goals. Post on your mirror, use the secret to manifest your goals. The more you can speak freely and with a pure heart, the more opportunities that will appear clearly that were meant just for you. The reward for speaking with a pure heart is the physical, financial and emotional freedom." GREGG KIRK: "Joseph Campbell has a famous quote, “Follow your bliss." Follow your passion. The best thing you can do is follow what sets you on fire so that your work is not work, it comes easy and it’s easy to do. That’s basically what I did. If you’re chasing money, that’s all you’re going to get." TANYA HOEBEL: "With whatever you do in your life, you need to be passionate about. You can’t really sell something if you don’t believe in the product. For instance, if I sold cars, my why would be because I want to protect other families from having one of their loved ones be involved in such a horrific accident. That would be my why, so you can protect every human driving so that their loved ones don’t ever get that phone call. That would be your reason to do what you’re doing and it’s so important to have the why and be passionate about it."