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4 - What's the assessment process and why do we need one?

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Episode 3 - The Therapy Show - What's is the assessment process and why do we need one?
In this episode Bob and Jacci discuss what is the assessment process and why do we need one?
The Therapy Show - Behind Closed Doors.
* Do you want to know what actually happens behind closed doors of the therapy session?
* Do you want to explore the mind of a master psychotherapist and demystify the therapeutic process?
* Do you want to know about the various models of psychotherapy and counselling and how they are implemented within the therapeutic hour?
* Do you want to know the makings of a professional psychotherapist and how to achieve that goal?
Bob Cooke, an international Psychotherapist , Trainer and Supervisor, talks with Jacci Jones about the world of therapy and counselling.
Jacci Jones is herself a Psychotherapist and Coach.
These podcasts are for anyone interested in the questions above and psychotherapy in general.
The podcasts are aimed at people who are curious in psychotherapy and counselling, how therapy works, and how therapy helps you towards a more healthy sense of self, both mentally and spiritually.
The podcasts will also be of interest to students of therapy and counselling and what it takes to be a psychotherapist and counsellor in the 21st century.
Bob Cooke, who is the Founder of the Manchester Institute of Psychotherapy - UK - will through the conversations with Jacci Jones help “demystify” the therapeutic hours and therapy session.
Finally, the podcasts will also be aimed at people who might be interested in the variety of methods and techniques of the various different therapeutic models such as Transactional Analysis, Person Centred Counselling, Gestalt Psychotherapy and Integrative Psychotherapy.
So please join us on this voyage of discovery and co-creative conversations.
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