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Yes, One of the things that we discussed in l one of the things that surprised me when we talked about it in in the recent magazine you were saying? I was saying, You have spend a lot of times shocking the world. That meat dress was the first time we all like we're kind of a gas. And you said you have now reached a point in your life where you don't feel the need to create some identity of shocking people. Yes, I think it was something that I enjoyed, uh, to bemused people, you know, so that they would listen to the music and that there was sort of a state of confusion of Who is this woman? I don't really, uh I'm like it's kind of like, you know, watching a train wreck, you know? But the truth is that that was part of my art form was how do I get people to see and watch and listen and become engaged with me on a personal level, even though it felt quite superficial, I think for a lot of people, and it's changed since then because number one, uh, it's no longer shocking to have pink hair, Uh, and number two. I think the most shocking thing that I could possibly do is be completely vulnerable and honest with you about my life. How would I've been through the struggles that I've seen, that I've also been a part of and share that with the world so that I can help other people who are suffering and one of those things that I deeply care about?