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51. Katy Epling Draws a Crowd & Fire Truck at the Grocery Store

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Writer and speaker Katy Epling tells us how she drew a crowd including a fire truck, at the grocery store. She has a couple other hilarious mom stories. She is loving The Holy Post Podcast Knowing Faith Podcast Her best advice is to give others the benefit of the doubt. Katy is a writer and speaker in Northeast Ohio, and she LOVEs to encourage women that God has a purpose and a plan for them right where they are. Almost 10 years ago, God gave her Joey, their sweet little guy with an extra chromosome (Down syndrome), and one day God told her so very clearly that he had created Joey exactly as he is, on purpose and for a purpose. And when she realized that was true for her, too, it was a game changer! Her husband Jon and she have been married for 19 years and have three kids, Grace, Matt, and Joey. She loves reading, cooking, and theoretical coffee--which means she likes the IDEA of getting coffee with friends but actually hates coffee. So she's a Chai snob. ;-) Check out Katy's website, Katy Epling. Find Katy on Facebook and Instagram. Show Info: Find out more about Family Camp in my guest interview on this episode of This Travel Tribe! Check out today's episode of the YA Book Chat to hear my interview with Leah Stuhler about Stepsister by Jennifer Donnely. Join Fancy Free's private Facebook Group! It's so much fun! The question of the week is "Have you ever had an encounter with a fire engine?" Click the Subscribe button so you don't miss a single episode! Leave a rating and written review! I will be forever grateful!!! If you have your own not-so-fancy story to tell, email me at! Do it. It'll be fun! The best way to help Fancy Free reach more listeners is to tell a friend about it. Share the laughter! Wednesday we feature Jen Fulwiler telling us why she was caught undressing and photographing Barbie dolls. Season 2 will be a rap after the next episode. We will be back July 7th! Thanks so much for listening, have a great week, and remember NO ONE is as fancy as they look! ~Joanne