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Getting a Job During Tough Times, with Pattie Sinacole (Audio)

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Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing your Career, and Loving Your Job
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Listen to the Find Your Dream Job Podcast on Vurbl. In this episode, guest Pattie Sinacole discusses the importance of a strong Linkedin profile, building networks, and other important steps on tackling the job market in the pandemic.
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With double-digit unemployment due to Covid-19, should you even look for work right now? Even in unprecedented times like these, the job market doesn’t come to a complete halt. Find Your Dream Job guest Pattie Sinacole says that if you’re sitting on the sidelines, you are actively missing opportunities. If you’re ready to get serious about your next career move, Pattie recommends creating a strong LinkedIn profile, building your personal and professional networks, and surrounding yourself with supportive friends and family.
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here to talk about how to get a job during these tough times. Is Patty cynical? She's the job Doc, columnist for the Boston Globe and CEO and founder of First Beacon Group human resource consulting company. And he joins us today from Boston, Massachusetts Petty. Here's where I want to start With today's double digit unemployment caused by Kobe 19. Should he even bother to look for work? First of all, thank you for having me. I'm happy to be talking to you and others about job hunting during this tremendously difficult time in our country. Um, with you, we've heard the word unprecedented, I think more than any of us want. But it truly is an unprecedented time. But that does not mean that that job hunting comes to, ah, stall or a stop cos they're still hiring. There are certain sectors that are hiring aggressively. Um, we have a lot of biotech and life sciences, As you would expect in the Boston area. There's a lot of biotech and life sciences companies looking for talent. We have some retailers like Amazon is, um, has a presence in New England and other regions, and they're hiring eso there are companies that are hiring. We continue toe to search for our clients. Um, we had a couple of stalls on a couple of roles in early. Um, I would say early April late march. Um, but those those roles have have sort of gone back thio an active search eso I think cos air trying to find their way. But this certainly rules out there. And this is not the time to sit on the sidelines. If you're looking for a job, for sure. And while you're in New England, Patty and your practice serves employers across that region, the trends you mention Are you seeing those happened nationally as well across the United States? For sure. Um, you know, they definitely healthcare biotech, whether it be through Atlanta region, whether it be Austin, Texas, whether it be, um, the West Coast. I mean, there are lots of technology companies you think about even zoom, um, the technology that many of us air using for video conferencing zoom. And some of these video conferencing technologies, um, are you know, they're they're looking for for for resource is and help in in new employees. So, um, I think it's I You know, we work primarily in the New England area, for sure, but what I've heard from colleagues and some of our clients sprinkled across the U. S um, is that there are definitely sectors that are growing still. Um okay, so you're s o don't wait, because some people might think Well, sure, Patty, there some opportunities out there, But it's not really gonna open up again until later in the year or maybe even next year. So why bother? Why bother is if you sit on the sidelines, you're missing opportunities. Jobs are being offered thio candidates every day. Um, even during these tremendously difficult times, um, and there are some things that you can certainly dio, um, some of our face to face. Networking, of course, is probably, um, not advised in this this new world of social distancing. But there's absolutely some things that you can dio and not sit on the sidelines. Alright, well, let's talk about that. And let's talk about job hunting during a period of double digit unemployment, uh, are called before the interview, we talked about doing basic things that you recommend, like paying attention to a linked in page before you send out your first application. Why do you suggest that job seekers pay attention to those basics? The instinct often is. I just got to get out as many applications is like a n, right, Right. And and, um, I would say that that, um that strategy stems from anxiety rather than sort of a strategic approach. Thio to your search. Um, a linked in profile is an investment in your career. Now, 10 years from now, 15 years from now, a LinkedIn profile is huge. If you have a strong, robust linked in profile number one, you're going to show up to recruiters. Um, definitely have a picture on there. Have a good summary of who you are as a candidate. Make sure that your lengthen profile has keywords embedded in your profile. Um, targeted thio your desired next role or your desired next industry. So if you we've words in there that, um, come up in in trigger a recruiter to stop it, your page, um, that that is really essential. Um, and do you find Patty that most people are doing these kinds of things? It seems basic, but it is a common, so I would say that that when we search for a job for for one of our, you know, to recruit clients for one of our clients jobs. Um, for that, they're open opportunities. Um, you know what happens is we stumble across people that have invested candidates have invested a lot of time in their linked in profile and the best linked in profiles. The ones with the photos, The one with the recommendations, the folks that are really active on LinkedIn. Those pop up first when we're doing a search. Um, yet they may not always be the best candidate, so sometimes we'll find the candidate 10. 15 profiles down. But really, you want to make sure that you're in that top 5 to 10? Um, in terms of the profiles that will be uncover when we're doing a LinkedIn search. So what kind of response does a page get that hasn't done? The are the applicant who hasn't done the things you recommend If they're down number 15 2025 in your in your ranking, Do they hear from recruiters like you at all? Um, sometimes they dio, but even worse. Sometimes we hear from a candidate. Um, that comes to us and says, I wonder why you didn't find May um, you know, they see something that we've posted or they see it in a you know, an alumni association posting or a professional association. And then we looked at their linked in profile, and it's what I call sort of a thin or a lackluster profile. They have their name there. They might have their undergraduate institution, but there's nothing really there. And they haven't been active. They have very few connections. So what happens is sometimes we never trip across those candidates, which is sad because they might be the They might be the ideal candidate for an open position that we're searching for. What else should you do on linked in, besides followed the advice that you just offered about updating your profile? Um, getting active on LinkedIn. Um, you conjoined groups on LinkedIn. You can post things on LinkedIn. You can follow companies that are of interest to you. You can follow influencers like a Bill Gates, for example. Um, you could even you don't even have to come up with your own, um, your own content. You can share content of other folks who you feel like are sharing valuable information about an industry about a trend about a business topic. So the more active you are, um, you know, those those active LinkedIn users really rise to the top, and I I also recommend I hold myself to this standard. I add 3 to 5 connections a week, a day minimum. It's something I've done for years. I probably have, I don't know, close to 7000 connections on die. Also on a regular basis. I'll jump on LinkedIn, and I'll share what what other recruiters might be hiring for, because I do believe in karma. You know, it takes me 5 to 10 minutes, so I also encourage folks toe follow me and to connect with me because, um, we do hear stories all the time where someone will say, Hey, I've been in this role for six months and I should have told you, but my brother in law shared something three months ago, and I followed up on it, and I'm sitting in at this. This new role
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