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Nicole Thinks Aliens Would Keep Her For A Little Bit

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Duration: 52:35
Nicole and Sasheer are all bundled up and ready to discuss paying for heat, weighted blankets, sleep entanglements, alien abductions, angel encounters, ghost sightings, the movie Casper, cell phones over the years, pay phone tricks, roasting strangers, flight attendants' covid material, be
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Nicole and Sasheer are all bundled up and ready to discuss paying for heat, weighted blankets, sleep entanglements, alien abductions, angel encounters, ghost sightings, the movie Casper, cell phones over the years, pay phone tricks, roasting strangers, flight attendants' covid material, being in L.A. longer than ever before, the T.V. show Zoom, and how many stars the Disney channel gave us. Then they take the quiz: Which Old Hollywood Icon Are You? And answer your questions. This week's voicemail comes from a truly wonderful no-a-kid 14-year-old that both Nicole and Sasheer want to be friends with. The gals give advice about what is and isn't bullying (being verbally mean IS bullying), how to find like-minded friends (search hashtags) and how to dump not-friends (stop hanging out with them.) Email or call Nicole & Sasheer with your friendship questions at:
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western. That was spooky, spooky. And I think I told you this. I was laying in my bed and someone sat on my bed like my back turned. And I was like, I'm gonna roll over and there's gonna be somebody there to kill. May, uh, I didn't scream or anything. I just rolled over and was like, Let's have a murder. May on. Then there was nobody there, and I was like, Oh, weird. Rolled back over. Same thing happened. I was like, Okay, so now he's going to kill May and I rolled over and nobody was there, rolled over again. Same thing happened. I was like, Oh, my God, if you're a ghost and you are not my mom, go away. And then it didn't happen again. But then it could have been my dad on. I may have hurt his feeling. It's like, Wait, you only want to see your mom with? I'm out of here. Yeah. Bye. Bitch. Did you see Casper? The one with Christina Ricci? And, uh, yes, I have. Do I remember it? No, I loved that movie when I was younger, which is, like, sad because there's a about a dead kid like because a child Coast's a dead kid who falls in love with the living kid. Yeah, but like, there was a scene where, um, Casper kisses. Christina reaches cheek while she's sleeping. Not great for consent, but, you know, he's just smooching her cheek. And then and he said, Can I keep you? And then she's like, Oh, it's so cold because he's a ghost on. She's like she didn't know that he was kissing her, But I was like, I wanna go Seo ask me. Hey, can keep me. I would like to be kept by it goes, What's with these supernatural people being like, I keep you your mind on true blood build the vampire goes suck it. You are a man because maybe when you find someone who could actually see you, you're like I have to keep you. I have to keep you around because I'll be around for eternity and no one else will. That does make a whole bunch of sense. I could not. Okay, theoretically, it sounds very cool toe live forever. But like I couldn't do it, really, your friends will die. All your friends die, and then you just get to see how the world evolves to, like, do worse things. Yeah, Or do you like the same things? Just in a different way. That's bad. Oh, yeah. You're, like, literally seeing history Repeat itself. And you're like, Come on, guys. Are you really this dumb, like Imagine living through Nazis and then seeing like white supremacist now being like, Wait, you guys don't see a correlation? Yeah, totally. It's so wild. And I'm already having trouble keeping up with technology. I couldn't imagine someone from 700 years ago looking at iPhone being, like what? Every time you have this, like, thing is, you have to learn it. Do you know what I mean? Because it's like, not gonna go away. Do like, Okay, I've learned what a flip phone is. Oh, wait. Now we're getting bar phones. Don't know, right? There's like a bar, like not a cube. It's a bar. I've never heard anyone call it a bar phone. I guess so. Like a candy bar. This'll is a bar. You've never heard anyone called iPhone a bar phone? Uh, like a brick. Tobar Okay. Yeah, yeah. Was it a flip? Have you seen those phones? that are. I guess they're kind of like a flip phone. They fold in half, they're gonna be new, and they have screens on both. So I guess it's like you can open it like iPhone. It'll be like long with happened. Then you close it in half, but this there's a screen on this side and screen on the side. I don't want it. I don't see the purpose of it other than I guess you can close it. But I don't think it's like a flip flop flip phone where you can, like slam it closed, you love. Besides your point. I love slamming. My flip phone closed. I loved having a flip phone. It was fun. I have this little cute Samsung flip that I loved, and then I upgraded to the one with the camera. The quality went in town. I was not happen. No, it's like the washer dryer. It's like we don't know how that taken care of this phone was meant for phoning, not taking pics on. Then I had this, uh, I like switch to singular, and I got this, like, weird ass like singular LG phone that looked like a cartoon and I loved it because it was so ugly and weird and looked like a cartoon. And like the Frank, the actual body of it was like a cartoon. Yeah, it was like bubbly. It was as if
hell yeah, baby. She's wearing a fur coat. She's cool. I'm a little chilly. I'm always cold, but it's particularly cold in my in my home right now. I'm cold, I guess Just chili. Yeah, I feel like in l a. If it gets below 70 you're like, Burr, what is this'll? Oh, wow. I mean, we're heading into the season where I scream at John that he is not getting any heat. No hate for you. And then if I see the heat on, I go. What is this? One of my A Rockefeller. You cannot have heat. What? What do you do when you get cold? You get blankets, you get a coat, you get some sweatshirts on. It's not even like a sweater. I sleep in a sleep sweatshirt. Mhm. Yeah, I'm not a Rockefeller. Listen, I'm not paying for your heat, okay? Sure. Of course. Yeah. Do you turn on your heat? We haven't in this place that we're currently in, but in the last place, we did, like, a couple of times. But that's crazy. But we also have a little space heater. Um, is actually supposed to be a space heater slash cooling unit but it's better at heating the cooling. Hmm. That's like those washing machine dryers. Or it's always better at washing than dry. The thing that's that you want is what they're like. Oh, yeah, we're not very good at that. You could actually buy two devices because we don't know how to do the other things. You definitely gotta just by a dryer. Eyes. What? In here. Sorry we didn't finish. Yeah, you got by air conditioners is really hot. E did by a weighted blanket. Okay, it's £15. It's nice. It's hard to card it from room to room because I'm like, But what's this on me? I'm like, Oh, I feel like a nice little warm hug. Why is it hard? Is it because the weight is distributed in different places because it depends is not? It's like, Yeah, £50 not heavy. But if the blanket is open, it's just like it's just a weird, like wait toe hold. But hold it perfectly in a square that I could move it. I don't really understand what a weighted blanket does. It's supposed to like calm you like, Well, you're anxiety. Um, it releases serotonin on some other stuff I can't remember. And yeah, I think it's supposed to be like a nice supporting feeling on your body. Maybe I'll get one. But I feel like I would get claustrophobic and be like, get off of May blanket Does the risk. If you do feel confined or, like, feel like stressed out in confined spaces, then don't do that. Okay? Okay. But I love being cocooned and covered it. Yes, you are a caterpillar perpetually becoming a butterfly. Yes, well, she become a butterfly. We don't know. It's the longest process we've ever seen. Yeah, I don't I don't know if I want I don't really like I don't know. Don't Yeah, E What is it? I guess. Okay. So when I sleep, I get wrapped up in blankets. I will wake up and be like, Oh, you feel feel trapped, like, kind of trapped. But then I'm just like, why are the blankets wrapped around me like this? This is not how I went to sleep. Who did this? You stole in my head. What little Keebler elf did this? Because lately I've been waking up. I'm going to sleep horizontally on my bed in my spot. Oh, no. It vertically, vertically in my bed, in my spot. Wait. So, like, your head is, like, perpendicular to the headboard. Who is your head towards the headboard? My head is towards the headboard, the way the manufacturer will want me to sleep. Okay. Thank. And I've been waking up horizontal in a way with the manufacturer. Does not want me to sleep interested in I've been waking up with. So the way you found me on Sunday just flipped where I'm on my back and my arms were spread open like I'm Jesus on the cross. It's been disconcerting ing It feels weird because that's not how I was meant to sleep. Mhm, are you? Is there ever a time where you're like, where you like Russell awake in the middle of the night And you're like, midway between those two points knows this year I go to sleep the way the manufacturer will want me, and then I wake up insanely and I don't know why. Maybe you're getting abducted by aliens. Oh, my God. My stretched. Yeah, you've been lifted up into the sky, and then they put you down, but they can't remember how you replaced. There's like a lot of stories are accounts where people believe that they've been abducted and they get placed down in the wrong position like there's a whole unsolved mysteries. Keep talking about unsolved Mr Um episode where, like a bunch people in one town talking about their accounts about this one abduction and like a family, was in a car. They believe they were all taken and then placed back into the car where the car was off. The grandma was in the driver's seat, and they're like Grandma never drive. Everyone was in a different seat, which is really funny, because I just like I like to imagine, like, intern aliens that are like Fuck which one was where and can't remember who's supposed to go in one spot. I mean, interesting, because they bring you back. What do they want, what aliens want, theoretically, from these abductions, the people who have been who have experienced these things. I don't remember what what happened on the ship so they don't know what's been analyzed or taken from them. They just know they have been taken, and then they then put back. Here's my argument for why I'm not being abducted. Okay? I think they would keep me longer. Like I think I'd be missing for days. I think like this girl is funny. She's, like, a great time. And I'm not in this head. Yeah, like they'd be like her head is filled with chicken nuggets and Skittles way have to figure out how she functions like this pond. Then I think they'd be like my friends and not want me to forget about them. Yeah, I just don't think I'm like everybody else. I don't think I'd be picked up and dropped right back off unless they're doing that every night. Oh, my God. And that's why you wake up every day in that position because they're like, we gotta see Nicole again. And maybe I was just so drunk on Sunday that I was like, I can't come e I rolled over. I said, I can't. I'm sorry. Oh, my God. Maybe I got abducted when I was wasted and tripping, and they were like, Nick, whole like girl, you gotta go back. We're gonna slam you right back down. And we're not even doing the way we've been doing it. Yeah, I don't Do you think you've been abducted? I don't think so. E don't feel like I've had any regulation recollections of encounters like that. I feel like I've encountered angels, but aliens How? Well, when I was really, really young and being in a pool and, uh, I feel like I was like sinking to the bottom. And then it felt like someone like grabbed me under my armpits and like, lifted me up to the ladder and they looked around. There was no one there. Wow, that's wild. I want with swimming. And I was splashing in the water while sitting on the edge and the instructor goes, Don't do that. You'll fall right in. And then I remember being surrounded by water and being like, she was right, and I felt it was just too lifted me up, and she was like, bugging the fuck out. And I was like, Bitch, I'm wearing swimming. E would have been fine. Eventually, it would have been really awkward and horrible, but eventually I'd be okay. Eventually, I would have figured out how to, like, float on my back or whatever, like, why are you You can't be bugging out like that when you're the instructor. Yeah. I also want to stress the kids that like that because you want them to feel like calm. Like water is fine now and did not make me calm. She was like, Oh, but then I, like, kept swimming. I have no fears. Um, I'm trying to think if I've ever encountered an angel, I believe in ghosts. Yeah, well, once I was at a spooky best Western, and one time we were singing the best Western with my family. And my mom was, like, more like, worse Western. And she laughed so hard on. And then I couldn't stop laughing because I was like, That wasn't funny. You loved it so much.
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