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[Special Episode] The Mindstate Marketing Hour #12 with Will Leach - The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 68

Duration: 38:29
In this weekly episode* of the Mindstate Marketing Hour, host Steve Brown of ROI Online, interviews Will Leach, author of Marketing to Mindstates, founder of Triggerpoint, and CEO of the Mindstate Group on why focusing on customers emotions and mindstates is key to successful marketing.*Originally p
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In this weekly episode* of the Mindstate Marketing Hour, host Steve Brown of ROI Online, interviews Will Leach, author of Marketing to Mindstates, founder of Triggerpoint, and CEO of the Mindstate Group on why focusing on customers emotions and mindstates is key to successful marketing.*Originally produced as a livestream video Mindstate Group free resources: https://www.mindstategroup.com/resourcesInterested in getting more Marketing to Mindstates content?Read Will's book: Marketing to MindstatesCheck out their website: https://www.mindstategroup.com/Follow Will on LinkedIn, Twitter, FacebookNeed real resources that will help you grow your business? Grab your FREE business growth stack resources here!https://thegoldentoilet.com/resourcesEnroll in the QuickStart Academy today to learn how to develop and implement a proven growth strategy that grows your ROI, your business, and your confidence. Learn more HERE.Thinking of starting your own podcast? Buzzsprout’s secure and reliable posting allows you to publish podcasts online. Buzzsprout also includes full iTunes support, HTML5 players, show statistics, and WordPress plugins. Get started using this link to receive a $20 Amazon gift card and to help support our show!Support the show (https://cash.app/$stevemfbrown)
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I can see where even that would work. In the real estate industry, yeah, there's probably some good data that tells you, you know, people trade their homes every so many years and to be able to understand if they bought a starter home from you, then the next step is going to be a family, more of a family oriented home. That's that's so you could be watching. And when they're posting about they had a new baby. Then you know what's going to happen. At some point, that baby is going to create the need for more space. That's right. And so you know, it's funny and you said that. So I have had for real estate agents in my life. So I moved four times well, where I needed in Asia. I only know one of those agents. Why? Because And this was from my first home. So we're talking 25 years ago, 25 years ago, 20 years ago, because he has an annual Christmas party and I have never gone to his Christmas party in 20 years. In fact, I don't I don't I don't know where it is somewhere down in Dallas, but I remember him. Why? Because he sends out a little car and what he's really doing is he's smart. Me? I'm certainly He loved me as a client, but he hasn't made money in me in 20 years, but I know he has. He has. At least I got to thinking about him thinking, huh? If I actually go to that Christmas party, he may. Actually, if I was to go, he would actually know that in different lives, to talk to me whatever or if nothing else, he's every I can guarantee you every year and I'll get my invitation in the next couple of weeks. He'll remind me that this guy is in downtown Dallas. He thinks enough of me just to give me a postcard in the mail. Something so small I don't have another real estate agent that does that. I don't Yeah, so I don't know. It just seems like a simple thing, and I'm sure you do it. Do you? I mean, I do it for my clients to remember. I talked about the financial planning side of it. Well, you know, we're talking. These are long, long runways. A lot of you guys out there. You know, you don't have 80 year runways with a client, right? I you don't yet, but think about the same idea in a client engagement. So if you were to find me, Steve, most people find out about me through my book marketing in mind States that is my first kind of touch point. And so so. But I sell services, marketing, research services and consult on marketing communications. Much higher dollar value, much more interaction. But what I find is I have to build that trust through these stages. Even though these aren't life stages. These are stages of our relationship together. So we offer a starter pack. So if you were to just buy the book on Amazon or you wandered into my website somehow because you saw this You know anything about me? Well, there's a very low price starter pack where it's a do it yourself basic package, right? You buy the book, you buy some work? Um, some a workbook, some instructions, very low cost, but at low risk. But then from there, if I've done my job right, you're gonna be okay, but I want greater depth. Well, now we're starting to work on our master class and so our master class Little higher price point. But now it's now we're starting talking about video courses and much more hours and hours of training with me showing more examples. Things like that. A little bit more interaction with me, a little higher price point, but I hopefully earn my way. It's a totally different transition, that transition from a totally do it yourself book where you're not quite sure you may. Some people do great with the book. Other people. It's like I want to take it to the next step. I've transition them into my middle price point. And then for some people after you come out of the master class, you're like No, Well, I want to. I love the master class, but I want to do with my data for my company. I don't wanna see another company. Well, then there's a workshop, and so we do. These monthly workshops were having one next week, so we do a workshop again. It's hard to get somebody to take on. A workshop is the first interaction. But if you go from the book and transition them from the book to the master class, and then you take something from the master class and transition them to the workshop. Now, if you do the workshop, you're gonna know you're gonna have, you know, a day with me interacting one on one. Next thing you may do is say this workbook shop is great, but I want to do a piece of research. We have a company that does the research or I want to do I want to actually work with you to do a training seminar for me and my entire marketing group. In my agencies, we have a much higher price point very specific unit for you to do that. So those are just simple three transition points that give me a lifetime value of a client. That may only be about 23 years, but in that 23 years, I've taken them from a do it yourself kind of know this guy all the way to your interacting with me. I'm in front of your CMO and we're working together to get you much better. Marketing creative
so the the predictors, using predictors to DAP your offerings and messaging. How do we? Sometimes we're too close to our stuff. So it's like a good process to start to reveal these things. Yeah, I'll go to what I do. Welcome back to financial services, but also do tell you what I do for my company because I also try to do the same thing with my company. So a financial planner If, for instance, you know you have this 20 year old and you're not going to put a lot of effort because their assets, let's just be honest. Their assets are small. You're not going to be trying to give this 20 year old or a 25 year old, uh, person. You know, a monthly call. It just doesn't make sense. There's nothing new to talk about, but what you do is you go to LinkedIn and you would link and connect with them. And then in LinkedIn, you can actually put in a notification when something happens with somebody's job title to give you notification. So if I'm a financial planner and I've got you know, let's say 300 different clients that I've brought in over the last decade. I would have notification. So every time their job description changes or they moved on to the job. I get a notification, and that tells me to just go out and reach out to, Hey, want to see how things are going right? That's a very simple thing you can do. Or a second thing you could do for this for any company is, um, just literally put in the calendar an appointment, whether it's with your client or it's just an appointment for you to say, Hey, reach out to the client but have it being consistent. So you're checking in every six months, and I've had years where I forgot to do that, and all of a sudden you look up and then I was like, This is 18 months and I haven't talked to this client. This is an awkward conversation because they're like they know what happened. Like we're not really in some sort of relationship. You haven't called me or we have an inter interacting in 18 months. Well, how do you do that? You put it in your calendar, guys. It's a simple thing to do. Um, one thing I do online, so I I have lots of clients all over the world. I put notifications on not the person themselves on LinkedIn, but I'll actually put it on the business. So let's say if I have a client at Pepsico, I'll put a notification for news from Pepsico. And every couple of days I'll get something in the news. And let's say, you know, if you see something in the news and you know Pepsi launches a new brand of flavored water that sometimes will remind you Oh, my gosh, I haven't talked to this guy And this was about, you know, a couple months ago that we did a flavored water project or a beverage product. It's a very simple thing that they re engage that person. Hey, congratulations on the launch. Not that you're trying to sell, but you're just creating that human connection. And so that's just something very simple. And and the last thing if you don't use LinkedIn or whatever guys Google alerts, it's the easiest thing in the world. Go create a Google alert and you can alert on the person that isn't as successful. But Google alert again on the company And then when that company something news comes out of the company, you get a notification on an email. I get mindset every morning. I look at the alert, vast majority of time. I just delete them. Nothing good's that I need, but every so often, like that's a great news story or whatever. Let me go reach out. So that's a very, very simple way to find these transition moments.
So what are some good examples of how we can do that? Yep. So one of the ones I was I was thinking about would be and I'm trying to make a product and services that are needed throughout somebody's lifetime. So I think that's the best way to go and start really broad. And I'll even talk about my company where it's much shorter. But let's talk about Broad and let's talk about financial services space. Mhm. So if you are a financial planner, you know, and you're you're basically your job is to bring in assets, you know? So you're, you know, local financial planner. Um, you may be independent broker or whatever, but your idea is you're trying to gain somebody's assets for retirement plan for their retirement to eventually, you know, they've accumulated wealth. You've helped your clients accumulate wealth to a point where they're retired, and then you start thinking about legacy, planning and things like that. So in that case, your ideal situation would be to attract a new client. Um, for most of us, I don't know how true this is, but I've talked to enough financial planners to say that most people start retirement planning with a typical four oh, one K that their first employer sets them up in. They don't really even know, um, how to even use it. But they know that they should be investing now. A lot of people don't invest. We know that and takes. You know, some people don't start investing for the retirement until their thirties or forties and fifties. Guys, you should always invest in retirement, especially if your company's gonna do a match right. It makes no sense not to, but facts, matter is, the best client is that first time somebody leaves their very first job. They have a small little four Oh, one K, maybe a couple of grand in there. And now it was in there like I got to do something with my money because, you know, I'm no longer at my first company, so that's the first transition period. My air quotes here, your first transition period. If you're a financial planner, that first life stage that you now start thinking about, how can I bring this person's assets in? So that's the very first one. Then imagine Really high level right then imagine somebody comes and there with you and they're giving you a little bit more money. They're giving you extra money, you know, as they go into middle management. And then there's this other big transition. Usually, um, that happens whether you're gonna get married or start a family. That's usually a transition period for financial planners where they're thinking about you gotta set up college educations or maybe retirement plan for you and your spouse. And then lastly, of course, a major one is the the one where you are close to retirement. And that's a huge transition for financial planners, right, because they now have to all the assets that they've collected and hopefully manage. They now are about managing wealth on your behalf so that you can have a hopefully a nice, steady retirement.
Yeah. So what does it mean, exactly? Life stage transitioning. That's right. The best. Easiest way I'll explain it. Um, would be Think about hopefully and you don't even have to have had a child. I'm gonna teach you if you're If you're in the market for, you know, getting married one day and having Children, I'm going to tell you about a transition stage. A transition period. Um, and it happens to all of us when you have a baby. So, um, and I'll talk about Let's just talk about brands and how smart they are as it relates to diapers. And so they do a perfect job at creating transitions, But they do a almost an entire life stage transition over the course of just two years. So imagine you, you with your wife or whatever, or you're with your husband and you go to the hospital, and then you have this newborn baby, and all of a sudden you figure out this baby poops and they poop a lot. You know that, Steve. So you have to go and get diapers of some kind. So when you go out to the store, you will find that I can remember doing this, man. You go to the store and you don't know there's Huggies. There's Pampers, there's generic brands. There's cloth versus, you know, plastic. And then there's all these different sizes. It's very difficult to figure out what size, right? So what you do is they actually size up the brain. Are the diapers by, like, a stage of life. So you first start off with, like, newborn, and they're usually at the hospital, give you some newborn or or or you know, for us it was a preemie, right? But you have newborn. And then from there you go from newborn to infant like a couple of weeks later. And then there's a whole bunch of boxes around, you know, infant and then from infant you go to baby and that maybe, you know, a year in. So there's these baby diapers and then eventually hit toddler diapers. Then, if you can think about toddler diapers, you're talking into pull ups and, like, kind of disposable pants, right until until your child's potty trained and what brands do and the best brands Pampers, Huggies, etcetera. They transitioned Mom in a very smart way so that she only looks at Pampers and we're Pampers house and I was talking my wife about this for two years, Pampers an incredible job at taking every week a whole lot of my money to transition my child from one level to the next stage, the next stage, the next stage. So I mean so much if you if you've done this, I know, I know I did many times where we ran out of diapers, and I can't just go to the store and pick up an alternate brand. Steve, you know that is not your life only wants pamper. So I'm taking three grocery trips to try to figure out an open grocery store. You can find Pampers because you're because you get that terrible look. If you went outside of that, that's massive trust. That's massive loyalty, because there's a lot of emotion around that you want the best for your baby. I'm telling you that you can, for your company, use the same behavioral psychology principles to make these transitions into your customers. But rather than doing over the course of two years, so technically I guess you could You can transition customers from 18 to 75 or 80 years old and think about the lifetime value of somebody that you've had in as a customer for, you know, the better part of 50 to 60 years. It's huge upside, and it's not that difficult to pull off.
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