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8chan and the Possible QAnon Link

From Audio: #166 Country of Liars
Last Played: June 14, 2021
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Cannibalism, pedophilia, sex trafficking- the conspiracy behind QAnon is certainly strange, but the story behind it must be much stranger. Who made QAnon? Where did it come from? PJ seeks to find the answer, following one theory. The answer takes him to Asia.
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Most everybody turns him down except Frederick overnight. HN goes from maybe 100 posts a day to over 10,000 an hour traffic is surging so much so that Frederick actually can't afford to pay for the bandwidth and he announces, unless someone can step in to help his board is going to go down, it would have been over like I could not get alone. Are you joking? They don't give a lot of people in wheelchairs. So we even give a loan to a chain anyway. But then he gets this message that will change his life almost entirely for the worse. It's from a man named Ron Watkins, an H and user base in the Philippines. He tells Frederick that he and his father, they can help his father owned to channel. This is the original chan Japan's biggest image board, a website Frederick had always looked up to. That was the reason I had so much stress on him because I knew, you know, that's basically a very powerful brand in in this space of anonymous communities. And I figured well if he's running to channel, certainly he can handle this site. What Frederick did not know at the time was that the creator of two channel was claiming online in japanese language, Frederick and not yet speak that this man, Jim Watkins had actually stolen two channel from him. Jim and Ron Watkins did not agree to be interviewed for this story. So you won't be hearing from them. But Jim Watkins has disputed the characterization that he stole two channel of all the mistakes that Frederick had made. Besides maybe starting HN trusting this father son duo Jim and Ron Watkins. This is the one that plagues him. Frederick agrees to Jim Watkins offer, Jim will host and eventually own hmm, Frederick will run the site as his employee in the years to come Watkins, HN will inspire mass shootings. It will morph into essentially a compound for the paranoid political called of its most famous poster Q and on. But back in 2016, all Frederick knew was that these two seem like it's saviors. Plus they told him one additional thing actually helped clinch the deal. They've seen that documentary about him and they said we live in the Philippines. Nursing care is really cheap here. You know, medical care in general is really cheap here. They offer to hire a nurse tired this because they know that they can pay somebody 102 $100 a month to stay with me all the time. You know what I mean? So they knew that physical access to somebody like me was control dr I serve a risen savior. He's in the world today. I know that he is living whatever man may say Even in the world of transport operators. Jim Watkins is unusual. He's 56 years old, former helicopter repairman for the us army who moved to the Philippines in 2001 there. He ran anti technology, a company which these days he claims hosted websites with photos of asian women in bikinis, which isn't true. It hosted porn. There are few profiles of them. They always sort of hit the same wacky beats. The weird videos, he posts himself singing hymns or unboxing expensive fountain pens. They usually mention this pig farm. It's kind of frustrating because you start to feel like these eccentricities there, like a smoke screen that stops you from ever actually seeing what his motives are. Frederick didn't do much homework on Jim Watkins. He checked himself on Wikipedia and then he packed two suitcases and flew to the Philippines to be in his new life. Did they pick you up at the airport? Like when is the first thing you actually meet that Jim did that too. Yeah. So I flew to Manila via Hong kong and jim flew from Manila to Hong kong to pick me up in Hong kong and then bring me to Manila. What was he like in person? Yeah, I mean when I, when I first met him the first time I was like wow the this guy is really a stereotypical pornographer guy like yeah the first day I met him he is like waddling up to me chain smoking this cigarette, kidding on all the flight attendants in between going like from the airport to our gate right? We stopped to eat something and he's hitting on the lady behind the counter. Hey gorgeous hey beautiful. Most of them are chinese and don't even know what the hell he's saying, you know? But I mean it was just creepy. They arrived in Manila and there he meets Jim Wilkinson son, Ron, the guy who originally messaged him and the two of them get along way better. He and Ron, it turns out have the same excitement and affinity for just noting out about image boards. What did, what did he actually just look like? What did Ron look like? Yeah, back then he's very good looking. Honestly he could be a model. His hair was very well kept. He just looked like the guy who would be in charge of two channel, you know, so he just looks like a handsome tech guy. Yeah. Online there are countless, countless hours of videos of Jamaicans, but there is very little on his son Ron. Do you see the same two photographs over and over. Frederick said there was actually an internal rule. He was told that Ron did not ever want to be recorded and even just talking to him in person. He was K. G. Like basic facts about his childhood were very hard to come by. So he just wouldn't talk about his youth with you. He wouldn't or he would tell you outrageous lies. That just sounded so dumb like he told me after high school, he went to become a monk and studied the monastery and I never believed that Would be that story one day and then it would be a story about being a playboy in china. The next both of the Watkins came across as very unreliable narrators. But Frederick was getting what he wanted. Jim Watkins had set him up with an apartment to live in. He had a health aide, he had steady work and for a couple of years things were good. Here's dale the journalist and he likes his life in the Philippines. He finds a wife there. He gets a little more religious and goes to church and finds the community Yeah. And during this time he's working over there for walk ins and he realizes the Chancellor toxic. So he says, just put me, I'll run to Channel and I want nothing to do with hmm and he leaves a tree in uh, to Tehran. So April 2016, Frederick has quit. HN He doesn't work there. He doesn't post there, but he's still working for the Watkins family, he's in the office of them, he's in the same slack and he says at the time he tries to get Jim Watkins to shut the site down, but it doesn't work and it's starting to become more clear to him what jim Watkins actually wants out of, Hmm. It's not money because this website continues to repulse. Advertisers is a channel supposed to be a money making endeavor. Like do they care if they run it at a loss? They don't care what they want out of H. M. Is power, and they don't care if it runs at a loss as long as they kind of get the same level of power in the West that they've managed.
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