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every time asking you shall be given what has been your greatest spiritual awakening. I think my greatest spiritual awakening actually has been quite recent. I think it's that I realized that I have the chronic pain that I have for a reason. And I don't mean to be like God gave it to me, you know? And I also don't believe in that, like, you know, karma thing where, like, you're sick because you did something bad. But I do believe that this happened for a reason. All the things I've been through, I think they were supposed to happen. I was supposed to go through this, even the right, even the rape, all of it. I think I was supposed to go through all of these things. I radically except that they happened. And I think it happened because God was saying to me, I'm going to show you pain and then you're going to help other people who are in pain because you're going to understand it because you can't. I can't. I can't look away because now when I see someone in pain, I can't look away because I go. No, you're in pain. I'm in pain, too. And then now I'm in problem solving mode. I got my suit on and my heels and I'm ready to