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92. The Ability to Disconnect

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No matter how strong the pull is towards staying connected to everything going on in the world around you it is time to hone your ability to disconnect and focus on the few things that really matter in your world.  It really doesn’t serve you to be constantly connected, take the plunge and disconnect!

Hey everyone you are almost to Spring break and this is the perfect time to practice our topic today.  We have got to learn how to disconnect!

This might sound strange in a world where we are fighting for connection at every turn.

When I talk about disconnecting I don’t mean from all the people in our world, but from all of the fringe noise in the world.

I know some people will argue that you need to be well informed and that is just not true in my mind

Almost all information is just a distraction to your focused goals and relationships

You don’t need to know what news is happening, You don’t need to know what your neighbors are up to, you for sure don’t need to know what people are up to around the world.

It is time to start honing your skills to disconnect from everything around you and start plugging into you!

It really doesn’t serve you to be constantly connected to everyone/everything

Even if it feels like you are burying your head in the sand it is valuable enough to just make this happen

Your ability to stay connected to your true self is paramount in your ability to help others and bring about the change in yourself and others

It really doesn’t serve you to be constantly connected to everything or everyone around you.

Take this opportunity over spring break to disconnect from whatever it is that holds you hostage with distraction!

You will start to notice the important things again

You will start to be able to metaphorically taste your life and smell the roses again!

What really happens when we disconnect from others distraction is we are able to see things as they really are again, without the blinders on.

I know we can all make this a reality if we are willing to go through the discomfort of the letting go.

If you need help, I’ve got you, connect with me so you can disconnect from distraction and find your life again...