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[Special Episode] The Mindstate Marketing Hour #11 with Will Leach - The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 65

Duration: 50:36
In this weekly episode* of the Mindstate Marketing Hour, host Steve Brown of ROI Online, interviews Will Leach, author of Marketing to Mindstates, founder of Triggerpoint, and CEO of the Mindstate Group on why focusing on customers emotions and mindstates is key to successful marketing.*Originally p
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In this weekly episode* of the Mindstate Marketing Hour, host Steve Brown of ROI Online, interviews Will Leach, author of Marketing to Mindstates, founder of Triggerpoint, and CEO of the Mindstate Group on why focusing on customers emotions and mindstates is key to successful marketing.*Originally produced as a livestream video Mindstate Group free resources: https://www.mindstategroup.com/resourcesInterested in getting more Marketing to Mindstates content?Read Will's book: Marketing to MindstatesCheck out their website: https://www.mindstategroup.com/Follow Will on LinkedIn, Twitter, FacebookNeed real resources that will help you grow your business? Grab your FREE business growth stack resources here!https://thegoldentoilet.com/resourcesEnroll in the QuickStart Academy today to learn how to develop and implement a proven growth strategy that grows your ROI, your business, and your confidence. Learn more HERE.Thinking of starting your own podcast? Buzzsprout’s secure and reliable posting allows you to publish podcasts online. Buzzsprout also includes full iTunes support, HTML5 players, show statistics, and WordPress plugins. Get started using this link to receive a $20 Amazon gift card and to help support our show!Support the show (https://cash.app/$stevemfbrown)
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Here comes the trigger six ways to create a trigger to action on your website and cater to your customers. So number one, I was running out a spanner space here, so that's what dr Number one is provide social validation through testimonials. That's right. That's a concept called social proof guys. The reason why testimonials work um and they work for almost anything is that people feel safer when they know that other people like them have taken and use your product. That's kind of what you said. We look for safety at that kind of in the back of our minds. So social validation testimonials, Anything that says that hundreds of people have used this service, hundreds of people have bought my product will be very useful in moving somebody from interested in your product to actually buying your product. And again in that book we just mentioned with robert Cardini, one of the six principles of persuasion is social proof. And the reason that it works so effectively is because we have so much information coming at us, we cannot possibly stop and I forget how many decisions we make in a day. But let's say let's just say we make 100 decisions a day, It's impossible for us to sit and give 100 folks function focus on that decision 100 times. And so we look for social proof things like if will's done it and wills in my area then I can trust the evaluation that he put into that to help shortcut me needing to spend the time to evaluate it, yep, happens all the time, guys, that's why when you go to amazon and you see the five star ratings, you look to see how many people have reviewed it. You feel much better when you have tens, hundreds, thousands of people reviewing an item. That's why you feel better than just having one person because it's been validated by others. Alright, surprise. Well we've already talked about this right. It's this idea that if you can create these unexpected popsicle moments, what the real the real idea behind that is you create what's called a hot state. That's the scientific term. You create emotional arousal. And when you have higher emotional arousal surprise me when you get happy and you get excited, you see something that's unexpected that creates interest in that idea. And that interest will oftentimes that emotion will translate into I got to take an action so find moments popsicle moments and surprise people. And that is a nice way to jumpstart somebody from just being casually interested in your website to actually buying on your website.
So you want to go back through your website or your brochures or materials to eliminate friction to their flow. Yeah. And this is just a standard thing that we should be doing anyways. But I'll give you an example on my own site that I heard about yesterday and so you'll appreciate this steve. But in any kind of experience, realize that any moment of friction, any extra behavior, any extra words can cause friction. And what any piece of friction can get people to just disengage. It's just so hard to capture people's attention. And so a good best practice is to go through your website and really go through your entire experience. You know, you're the kind of client journey or the customer journey on your website and look for moments of friction. Here's an example of one I just picked up yesterday. So on my website, you can download a free pdf. And I was talking about creating a new landing page after somebody is already giving me an email address or whatever, and they've asked for this pdf. Well then let's go create a landing page so that there's some words and then we can put that pdf on there, and it's great for Brandon, right? It's great. I think it's perfect for branding, and somebody had mentioned, well, they already gave you their website, why not? When they click it? I mean, I'm sorry, their email address. Why not just click it? And also the pdf is right there and they can download, like, like why sending them to a landing page so that they can read more about this? And I see all the brand benefits behind that, but I thought the result, that's that's that's not unreasonable to expect that to like try to even take out efficiency of words and just have the pdf pop up. And so we have so many times in our and I'm in in our websites and I'm a horrible person who does. I keep wanting to add more, add more, add more. Because I have so many things I want to talk about. And by adding more, you can actually create moments of friction. It's not that it's bad, but every moment of friction can cost you a sale.
So how can one conduct an H. X. Audit on their website to find popsicle moments. Right? So this is going to be a little bit of innovation, a little bit of creativity. But what I did is I started thinking about if I was going to really create a human experience knowing that I have to do it on my website and I can't have a 1 to 1 phone call with every person who wants to, you know, work work with me in some way or learn about behavioral design and things like that I do and on it. So what you do is you lay out literally from the very first email that maybe somebody gets and just lay out the process and just do it and hit your own handwriting and do it yourself. It's really important. I tried to at first Remember all the touch points and think maybe think sometimes when I can really throw surprise and instead I forgot probably 30 of all the touch points I really had and this is not a huge company, right Steve. Like we're so go through the actual steps that somebody goes through on your way to interact with you on your website, go through every step, every single click, every kind of every kind of, you know, tab, you're gonna open up and just get a feel for the entire experience. And then there's this thing that I thought of is as you're doing that fine moments where you believe a surprise could happen to me. It makes natural sense of services. Like if you have a services tab and you're going to start talking about some of your services that seems like a natural place where you can kind of surprise somebody with either. It's and it's not an offer. I don't think you have to discount your services or show a discount. But I think a surprise that pops up and you know, maybe it's a video and says, hey yeah, you can read all this stuff, but let me give you the two minute download of what we really can do for you here and that's it as opposed to having somebody read and then get onto the details. Um but something as simple as that or one thing that we've started to think about is a lot of people come to my site steve and on the resources page because they want to learn and and they want to go deeper. And one thing which we never really talk about is how we do back Behind Behind you know, the website, how we do our work. We don't do that very often. We just kind of deliver for our clients. But there are some out there that want to know like what you and I are talking about. Well how do you do it? That is a perfect time to put in something that tells you behind the scenes stuff. And if somebody's gonna be in the resource tab, that's probably an area, we want to pop up a video and just say, if you want to know the real scoop behind how we do it, watch this. It just shows us all working behind the scenes. So finding moments of inspiration, we call these things trigger points in my book. And the idea of a trigger point of these moments where people pause and and, and and then and then they really want to engage. And if you can identify these trigger points and these are usually like I said services page checkout page, maybe a resources tab where people are trying to dig into a particular uh topic that you, you know, maybe you wrote about. Those are natural trigger points of people interacting with your site, find those moments to surprise. And that's the first thing you should do to try to bring human back into your website.
So let's talk about if we're going to up our game in the H X, you say we need to design Popsicle Moments for your website visitors. What in the world is a Popsicle Moment? Okay, steve, so that is my term, but I got the idea. Have you ever read this book by let's say, Chip and Heath, Chip, Heath and dan Heath, The Power of Moments? No, Okay, so Chip and dan Heath are both their brothers. They are professors, I think once, I know once at Harvard, the other one I think is a stanford on the other coast anyways. And they write incredible books. Like they they're the authors who wrote made to stick, They wrote switch decisive. And so it's an amazing book, The Power of Moment and this idea behind the Power Moment. Um and I'm going to paraphrase and do this. Not anywhere near the justice it deserves is that inexperience is you can have an extraordinary impact if you just think through, and I call them Popsicle moments. But they talk about these um these I think they have a turnaround moments. I call them Popsicle moments. And here's the big story and I think about the story all the time now as it relates to designing of websites but basically any interactive or interaction. And so there is a hotel out in Los Angeles called the mystery hotel um what was it called? The uh oh gosh the mystery hotel. Um Trying to remember the name of it. I think it's called the Mystery hotel. Have you ever heard of the Minister of the of the Hotel? Oh you're talking about the magic right now. The mystery isn't the magic? No it's the it's named after the the Gun Aris's and that's the mystery house. It's the Winchester mystery house. Is that what you're talking about or that I'm talking about? Well that's there too, it's in California and you walk up the stairs to nowhere yep. Oh gosh. Well this one is oh I can't believe I forgot it. The magic hotel in L. A. Um The Magic Castle. Sorry I can't believe it. The Magic Castle hotel. So the Magic Castle Hotel if you are actually um you know ever on yelp the yelp ratings are through the roof. Like it's the highest rated hotel in all of Los Angeles and it's bigger than the Beverly hills Hilton. It's better than the four seasons. And if you look at that picture steve it is nothing more than a motel. It is in fact it's a kind of a rough looking motel but it has these amazing ratings. People go nuts for this motel. And so what I guess dan and Chip did is they went they were trying to figure this out highest rated hotel in all of L. A. And they have a lot of these moments. But one of these moments I call the popsicle moment. Here's the idea out by the pool, outdoor pool by the way, nothing magical about it. There's a phone and if you pick up that phone, somebody on the other end of the, of the phone, he says hello, what's flavored popsicle do you want? And you can have orange cherry or grape as many as you want and if you have kids that they can order any time, day or night, any any flavor as many as they want and they say I want to have a great popsicle hey Then a couple minutes later somebody comes out with white glove service on a silver platter, a popsicle. And imagine your kid if they ordered a popsicle on a hot day and all of a sudden this person comes out and greets you with this popsicle. Now, this moment, what makes this moment incredible just like you're doing, you're smiling because that is outside of the bounds of what would be expected from a motel. But there's this thing and it's a perfectly executed example of a popsicle moment, a surprise that came out of nowhere that creates this experience as human connection for your kids even for you that otherwise we would find efficiencies to try to make the hotel chain as most profitable as possible or this hotel to keep things like this out out of the system to keep hiccups out of the system. But instead they found a moment and this hotel motel, sorry, has a couple of these little small things that have made it like this icon in motels and hotels. So they talk about the power of moment and I always think to myself, if you are going to do human to human design, one of the first things you should do is try to find popsicle moments, things that are totally non expected um that you would never expect out of your website. It just so happens, I came up with an idea for one that was like, you know what I in fact, I should we should consider doing.
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