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[Special Episode] The Mindstate Marketing Hour #17 with Will Leach - The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 83

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The ROI Online Podcast
Duration: 41:41
In this weekly episode* of the Mindstate Marketing Hour, host Steve Brown of ROI Online, interviews Will Leach, author of Marketing to Mindstates, founder of Triggerpoint, and CEO of the Mindstate Group on why focusing on customers emotions and mindstates is key to successful marketing.*Originally p
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In this weekly episode* of the Mindstate Marketing Hour, host Steve Brown of ROI Online, interviews Will Leach, author of Marketing to Mindstates, founder of Triggerpoint, and CEO of the Mindstate Group on why focusing on customers emotions and mindstates is key to successful marketing.*Originally produced as a Livestream videoMindstate Group free resources: in getting more Marketing to Mindstates content?Read Will's book: Marketing to MindstatesCheck out their website: Will on LinkedIn, Twitter, FacebookNeed real resources that will help you grow your business? Grab your FREE business growth stack resources here! in the QuickStart Academy today to learn how to develop and implement a proven growth strategy that grows your ROI, your business, and your confidence. Learn more HERE.Thinking of starting your own podcast? Buzzsprout’s secure and reliable posting allows you to publish podcasts online. Buzzsprout also includes full iTunes support, HTML5 players, show statistics, and WordPress plugins. Get started using this link to receive a $20 Amazon gift card and to help support our show!Support the show ($stevemfbrown)
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so number four here? Yes, up with a nice list. So you have this big list, Steve. And now, hopefully you had you had 40 things. You've narrowed it down to maybe 10, maybe. Let's call it 10. Well, tends a lot of things. That's a lot of things to get. So if you want to narrow it down even more, you've got to eliminate choices that can't be explained. And we've all been here. Have you ever given a gift? And I did it with the toilet. Have you ever been given a gift or you gave a gift And then as you given their opening and you're starting to explain why you bought it, let me Let me tell you why I got this Because And you can tell the story isn't connecting really well. Like you could just tell that you're trying anything you can do to force fit this thing into why you chose this. And I'm telling you, there's a point where every guy knows every good gift giver knows that if they're trying too hard to figure out that story, you should stay away, staying away from it, right? Because we've all been there I did it last year. This is my son. My son is the most, Um, he he's so spoiled. He doesn't even know how good he has it. He does not know how good he has it. So he needed a computer for school. But he was just using iPods or iPads, right? Used to using ipads. So he had to have a high school. He was doing programming. And even as a programmer, he kept saying, I want an iPad. I want an iPad. So for Christmas, we got him. Santa got him a new surface. It was my used one, but he didn't know any better. So as a surface computer, Steve, I gave it to him and the kid starts crying. Now I mean, bawling. And I'm thinking myself in what world do you live? That you would cry when you get a computer. And I remember trying to explain to him how this is better than an iPod. I mean, an iPad, like I'm like this will allow you has a keyboard, allows you to do so much more about his mind. It was horrible. I kept trying to justify I kept trying to justify and telling the story about why there's so much better, why I picked this or why Santa got on this. And I remember now thinking back and like, if I would use this, I never would have done because the story to get you from the thing that you bought to the thing that they think they need. If that story is too hard to get to, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how good you think it is. It only matters on how well they know the story and easy to connect the story they are. So if you're struggling with the story, you're in trouble. Eliminate anything that you're struggling with the story on. So he should have got him that Bluetooth toilet he would have been more jacked up about that uses that. That's the only place that he will go. Number two. He goes all the way into our master, saying he has another two bathrooms he could use, and he's an only child. He has to go to ours because, you know, as the water thing has everything, it's awesome.
you're saving my bacon. So there are a lot of folks listening. You're You're helping us. All right, so now you have step three here. Yeah. Cool, Because we don't just have a shopping list. That's right. Listen, So if you get the functional things right, you put those the list. Those are things that are not meaningful gifts. What you've done by finding out her hero within is you've expanded your possible list. So let's say if it was to lose weight and that if you're buying off that you what would you do? You like? Okay, I'm going to probably do something around exercise made by a pair of shoes. Maybe some new workout equipment, right. That's, uh, when you go to aspirations. If she must be Fab 50. Now you're talking about you expanded your list dramatically. You can start to think about coaching. You can start thinking about experiences. You start thinking about books and products, so you're What will happen is when you think about her at a broader, more emotional aspirational hero within your list is going to expand dramatically. So I made your life. In a way. It's good, Steve, but now you may have a list of, like 40 things like Oh, God, we promise. Rolling out by two things, right? How do you get that list of 40 down to two? Here's how you do it. Narrow it through motivational psychology. So we've talked about this on the path in the past. We desire feelings, right? We're emotional beings or human beings. What we really want is to feel something. That's why we buy the product that we get. That's why we love when people give us gifts. It's not the gift itself. It's how the gift makes us feel. Those feelings those desires map back to one of nine all feelings. All desires map back to one of nine motivations or desires. We talked about these in the book, so it just so happens there in the book. Right? It's in. Uh, it was a chapter on Motivations. Chapter seven, Chapter six. Yeah, right. Yeah. So what you're gonna do is look and think to yourself. What does she desire? And here are the desires we've said it before. Success, freedom, acceptance, mastery, control, captive ation, or just excitement or release. So captive ation admiration or she desires to be admired in some way love, insecurity, those linen. So if ultimately she wants to feel those things, you should evaluate that list based upon its ability to give you that thing or give her that thing. So I went back to that political ad and I was like, Okay, so would I buy a political ad? Alright. Would I buy a peloton? Alright, it's expensive. I get all that stuff. You gotta figure out whether you can afford it on stuff. But once you have all the things on that list that you can afford start thinking about Is that going to deliver that feeling? That feeling. So let's say And this is this is my wife. My wife is just in general. She is driven by the desire to belong. She loves groups. She's an extrovert. She loves parties. She loves to feel like she's a part of a Hey, thank you. She she She's a belong she loves belonging and autonomy, which is desire for freedom. She doesn't want to be captured in one room. She doesn't want to be told exactly what to do. She wants to have lots of freedom. So belonging of freedom. When I think about a peloton and I think about it and go. Okay. Would that give her freedom? I don't know about that because I think she wants variety. She seeks variety of exercise, so Palestine would be kind of limiting and belonging. My wife enjoys people. She was gonna be locked in a room, even though political ads make it look really great cause they always glass rooms and beautiful. But she wants to have people. She wants to talk to people. And, yeah, you can sit there and you can try to push really hard on this whole idea of like, Yeah, she can meet people in Palestine. Come on. That's not true. She desires human interaction. So I was gonna look at peloton. The bike. I go, I'm not sure if that's the case and then I look on the other side. I go. Okay. But let's say if your wife or your husband was, like achievement and competent, so he desires or she desires success and mastery. Well, then that makes sense. I think Palestine is all about I don't know much about Palestine. I have something different, but I do know that you're going in the classes. You're trying to one up. You're you're competing against each other. Well, hell, if your if your wife or your husband loves competition, that starts sound pretty good because competition is inherently part of that of that of that gift. Or to be a better writer like mastery getting better at something and specifically a biking, right. Well, then the Palestine makes total sense because it is conditioning you to become a better writer. So I'm like, Okay, so that was one of those things that she desires greater confidence or greater achievement or feelings of success? It makes sense. So all I have to do is just go to the nine motivations. There's nine desires in my book and just say, How well does that gift deliver on that feeling? And you can start eliminating gifts quickly because if you're trying and you're struggling really hard to come up to find that linkage with this one gift that you think it's cool, it's not cool. It's not a good gift. Get it off your list
you gotta figure out those those regular, functional goals. But listen, I can tell you right now nobody wants to lose weight. They may think they want to lose weight, but that's not really what gets somebody up in the morning. That's not really what gets her up to 6 a.m. To get on a pill. It's on bike or whatever. There's a bigger purpose, and that is what we call those aspirations. And so you got to get that list and say, Well, what is she inspired? What is what is the hero that she wants to be in and in my head? I kept thinking, You know, it's about maybe I'm giving examples, being fabulous at 50. Like that's it. Wife. Her husband started to get older. It's at 50 years old, and I'm just like this is a new decade. A new life stage knew everything. It's about being fabric 50. You want to buy your gift, Steve, around this aspirational goal of fab at 50 or whatever that higher order thing is, So should I start with a catalogue like like Brookstone catalog? God, this is my mistake. And listen only as your last are you. Sorry. I know you've done this, Steve. I know every guys does. When you don't know what to buy, man, go to Brookstone. Like when you. But you gotta be like at the last minute, cause Brookstone has so many cool things that if nothing else, it'll be unique, Right? It'll feel unique. But you don't want to start there because that's limiting your choices, right? It's going to limit your choices and things that you find are really cool, like a remote control helicopter. Or or what do they have those massage chairs that you get in and then the massage? You? Those are gifts for you, Steve. You know they are. They're not gifts for her. They're not. Give her not the jewelry cleaner, the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner that you can buy their only as a last resort. Guys don't do that until its December 22nd. Then you go to Brookstone. You better go to one of them all. But brainstorming about aspirational goals just seems like a lot of work. Oh, no, it's fun. It's exciting. So let's say if you're looking at all those things that she wants or you think that she wants she wants to lose some weight. She wants to run a marathon. Whatever All these different things, then you're saying now what's really the big thing, like, What's that hero? What is what is a hero moment that she's trying to like know that when she gets there, that that is all the emotion that everything has to all these things combined into, And that is whatever that thing is, what is Fab it 50 or something else? That's the fun site, and it really doesn't take you too long, Steve. It's just kind of just knowing yourself and asking that one question we asked all the time. Why is that important? Why is that important? Why is losing weight important? Ask yourself twice. Same thing we do all the time. Asked that question twice. If you'll get to a higher order, more aspirational goal. That hero she wants to be. She wants to be fabulous at 50. So give us some tips on how to ask her those questions when it's not obvious where we can start to identify these things. So the one thing I would do is not ask. That makes you look meaty, right? Don't ask him well, not at first. What you have to do is look at what she has on the table. So when Melanie, my wife, she has magazines that she reads and when she going to Facebook feed, you can see that you can see Facebook pages that she likes those. The reason why she's engaging with that content could be because there's something meaningful in that for her good Facebook pages. See what pages she's? She's a member of what she's engaged with and look at her magazines. If it's cooking magazines, maybe some cooking things. She aspires to be a better cook. Better. And why is that? Aspires to be a better cook, because maybe she wants to be better kind of the kind of this vision of this perfect, awesome entertainer in the helm, right? That's the aspirations that you can that you can, uh, that you can buy again. So do that. Go to Facebook pages, go see things that she likes, and then, if you're still lost, then you may want to have that conversation about like I don't know, like, kind of where do you see yourself in a couple of years? Those kind of deep, meaningful conversations you have with a glass of wine. Where do you see us? Um, what excites you about the next couple of years, you'll get there.
So let me tell you a little bit about that commercial now. So some of you guys may not know that commercial is very controversial last year because it resonates. Rub people the wrong way. Now, listen, I'm gonna tell you right now. I see paella time trucks all over this place, right? So I was feeling they did just fine. But the real part of that commercial was how people responded, saying, How could a husband give her already has already beautiful wife, a peloton bike to lose more weight. And so there's a lot of like it was crazy social media all over the place about like, what kind of a jerk husband is this? He can't. He's He's always pushing his wife or, I guess, his wife to to lose weight and it like it blew up. It blew up on people. And, you know, even though the commercial like, you know, she's very happy. There are a lot of women out there that are like you better never get me an exercise bike. You better never get that. So I kept thinking myself. This guy was thinking it was like the greatest gift ever. And then there's this whole group of people that could have possibly looked at that peloton bike and thought, What kind of an a hole, whatever. Give their wife weight loss equipment, you know. And so I'm going to. I'm going to help you not have to overthink your Christmas gifts and this is it. The first thing you have to do is figure out her aspirational goals, because aspirations help us feel like superheroes. And you know the first way to do this. Steve, you want to get a sheet of paper out, and you just want to think yourself. What are all the things that she's looking to do? Like Is she looking to lose some weight? Is she looking to learn Spanish? Is she looking to just put a whole big list of things that she's looking to do things that she's not what she wants? Because anybody can buy gifts that people want? You want to help? You want to buy a gift that she needs, and sometimes we don't really know what we need until we see it. So just get that list out and think through all those little things that you think she she wants to have done. And in the Palestine example, I thought losing weight would be a classic. If you're thinking about Palestine, you better have on your list that she wants to lose weight. You gotta have it on your list. Or it's not gonna make any sense that any kind of weight loss stuff. Whatever happened first? Yeah. I can't believe you're stepping all over those minefields. The reason that guy bought that peloton if he wanted it. I once bought. I once bought a Bluetooth toilet smart toilet for my house for for a gift. For us for a home of her home warming gift I can think of. I want a Bluetooth toilet, Steve, that the seat comes up like this in the room as a heated See the whole thing. So you're right. You're right. I was not. That was not the best gift I've ever given. Melanie. Not this year. Be sure to give her the golden toilets. Bluetooth. What a cheap Bluetooth toilet. Nice plug. That's good.
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