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Do It Even If They Say You Cant

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Ever been told you need to find and stick with a niche? Listen to how one creative/filmmaker continued to step outside of his box from one industry to another, and how it helped him become a frequent cast member on "Friday Night Lights", start his business and brand. If you need a pep talk to help y
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Ever been told you need to find and stick with a niche? Listen to how one creative/filmmaker continued to step outside of his box from one industry to another, and how it helped him become a frequent cast member on "Friday Night Lights", start his business and brand. If you need a pep talk to help you take that leap of faith, start that project you've been procrastinating on, or just want some encouragement to help you start something new then you'll find that in this episode.Aaron's InfoWebsiteInstagramFacebookYouTube------------------------------------------------------------------------Our InfoSupport the podcast by subscribing to our $1 Patreon or donate to our PaypalUse our Soundstripe Link & Code to get 10% off your subscription.  Code: TEN100Our Email: Productivelegacy@gmail.comPodcast Website: Intro&Outro Music By Sam BarshAsk us a question and we'll make it our topic for the next podcast.
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e. I don't I don't I don't live in fear. I can't. It's a fear puts limitations on you. And I don't want limitations on me. Even with my Children, I try to teach them like, Hey, just go for it. And if you fail, well, you don't have it in the first place. So don't it? Don't make a big difference. You know, it's like I went for it, so I'm not really miss it. If I didn't go for it on, I'm not gonna regret my attempt for going for it. I'm not gonna regret the numerous attempts to go for it, because eventually one of those attempts is going to land you somewhere close to it. So what you do is you plant your flag right there. You develop what you have in that area. They keep jumping towards that, that extra gold. And if you get closer, plant your flag right there, develop more skills, develop everything you need to go and keep jumping towards it. And then when they when you get there, you sit there and you're like, Oh, man, I did that. Then you look around the corner like, Oh, I want that now. Then you do the same process over and over again, to the point where you keep on achieving, never settle, keep on achieving. That's the whole point of success. Now, in success is not rich is not rich. Success is being able to look yourself in the face and be like, Oh, I did it. I did what I set myself out to do. That's what success feels like. And, you know, most people rate success and, oh, I got a big house. That's the hood, kid. That's the good kid in us. E got a big house. I got this money. You know, my kids ain't gotta want for nothing, but that's not what how we teach them. We teach them by watching me, like, Watch me watch how I continue to fight for what I want. So when you get there, maybe the stuff that I did makes it a little easier for you. You know what I'm saying? And that's what we need to keep pursuing, uh, the success on achieving, not the success on gaining, and I hope that makes sense that does know that makes that makes perfect sense. Go ahead, Brandon. And that actually brings me to a lot of, uh what my next question, which involves you like your how to know when to take the next steps with all of these career path you've taken, Um, when did you know it's the right timing? And what do you think about financially when it comes to making these decisions? But definitely that's coming up right next. We definitely got to get some of these A Z and get the bills paid and also get more from Aaron right after the break. Sound Stripe is the number one place for filmmakers, creatives and YouTubers that have access to high quality royalty free music. They have super affordable subscriptions starting as low as $11.25 per month with unlimited downloads and licenses. The possibilities are just simply endless. They have over 5000 plus quality songs, 40,000 plus sound effects. And get this. They even have over 70,000 premium stock videos with access to curated playlist. Your search is easy, and you find exactly what you need on with the worry Free licensing. You get accustomed license available for every track sound stripe has given 10 100 media the opportunity to extend a 10% discount to other creatives by going to sound stripe dot com and using the code 10 100. That's t E n 100 You get 10% off. Any plan going Sign up. Like, right now. Take your production to the next level. Sign up with sound stripe today. Okay? We're back with Aaron. Also have best co host be. She is definitely bringing the questions on this one because I don't know if you noticed, but hey, like, we really have amazing guests here. And Aaron, my question to you is we're at the point now. Well, not right now, But I heard a guy yesterday. Hey, was asking another filmmaker and it was pertaining to him questioning. When should I take that leap to go? Full time? Be Just went full time in 2000, uh, year that we should not be named on. Also, it was the worst year to go full time, but she did it. You basically took so many leaps. I'm quite sure it had to. You had to take a couple of, uh, pay cuts here and there. What were you thinking about when you made these transitions. And what in your mind was giving you that courage that to, you know, pursue. Okay, I'm leaving radio. I'm about to do acting about two now, about the at photography. All those things are, you know, pretty entrepreneur south. So you're is not that constant paycheck coming in. What allows you to really go forward and make those decisions? When I when I left radio and radio, that was ah, really good job. And I keep referring back to the time At the time I was making 56,000. Remember this 2001? So 56,000, I'm balling, But it wasn't I don't know, it wasn't feeding me. It's making sense like it wasn't feeding what my actual purpose waas like. It wasn't giving me the self gratification like I know I could doom or like, I know I could do more with the talent I have. And when Friday night lights came to Austin, they were looking for, um, you know extras to be a part of the show. And I always wanted to be a video jockey, VJ but I got I'll tell you about that later. But there's a long story, but I didn't get on one Oh six, in part to old whatever, but But I said, You know, this is my chance to see if I could do this TV thing and I was afraid. But I kept the radio job. But I also went to be an extra on Friday Night lights and one thing about me. I will find a way toe, work my way up no matter what, before I leave another job. So on Friday Night Lights, I became friends with the producers. Some of the actors You gotta become friends with the actors first because once you become friends, the actors, they kind of, you know, your homeboy said put you in the scene with each other. But I became friends with them and I, you know, started to learn the business. I paid attention. I listened to the director. I also kept my face shown. I kept, you know, being around him. Even if I'm not saying anything, I'm just standing there just like, why is this guy here? I was that dude. I'm like I'm learning, you know, and eventually start having conversations and you talk about making a leap I always say, make the leap when you feel comfortable in that new environment that you're in. If you're not feeling comfortable there yet, don't go. Don't go yet. Don't take the leap at Hang onto that regular 9 to 5 a little longer until you feel real comfortable now, comfortable being comfortable doesn't mean being financially stable. That doesn't That's not what that means. Being comfortable is that you know the moves you're about to make to get to where you wanna be. I already knew the moves I was gonna make and I told you guys, but I knew for a fact if I keep coming on this show as an extra, I knew in my heart eventually they were going to give me a shot because Friday Night Lights was a football show. Eventually, they're gonna ask me some football questions. Oh, I played professional football, so I just kept hitting that I kept offering that I became a consultant and they actually went to me as I talked to the as I talked to some of the actors on critiques on what, exactly what they would say. Now I wasn't overbearing. I wasn't, you know, taking over. But you know, we just know the game. Everybody, everybody knows the game eventually. Just keep talking a little bit. Someone would listen, and I got really comfortable in that situation. And by the third episode of Friday Night Lights, the first season they gave me my first speaking lines because of the relationship are built with the directors, producers and the actors, and I kept praying. Now that's one thing I pray a lot. I asked God to take away that fear as God, to give me the ability to navigate through this and make it work. And so it's not all of me. I just have to say that. But when I said my first speaking lines, I was nervous as all outdoors. I had six cameras. I had six cameras around me, and I said, Lord, this is the position that you put me in and I'm ready. Whatever comes out of my mouth, make it open up doors that I have never seen in my life on. And it was a room full of about 100 people in there. They had the extras and all my extra homeboys was like, Well, my, my, my homeboys was there like, Oh, man, you about to become a star. And I was like, I just want a job. Uh, toe move on from another job And I said my lines. And that was the day I saw him. Ivory first contract in 2006 on Friday, and I like and it was the day where I told radio I'm out of here. Uh, because now I wasn't rich. I'm not gonna lie to you, but I navigated my way through acting without any experience without even acting class. I've never take I never 15 years. I've never taken an acting class. Never in my life. I just keep navigating my way on learning on my own to see how it could become successful. So I left radio. I was, I was out and I gave 100% to the acting job and I was learning on the run. I was still being active on Friday. I like I was still being around every time they gave me a line. I kept learning. I kept getting better and getting better. Uh, and I turned that one year to five years off the TV show Friday night lights all coming as an extra all started off as an extra and and to go back to radio real quick. It all started with me holding that sign because if I never hold that held that sign, I would never got into radio. If I never got into radio, I would have never heard the news that frightened our lights was coming to town. Someone told me you're not an actor, You're funny, But you're not an actor. So if you all my stories are the same so one would tell me you can't do that. So I was like, I'm gonna go out there any way to me When you hear that, That ain't nobody but the devil just trying to get to you to stop where you need to be. So I was like, I'm gonna ignore this Be first of all and I said in the different way, not as an intelligent, more like forget you all you know what I mean? And to put myself in that position to become an actor, it actually worked out, and I actually took a moment to celebrate that. The day I signed my first contract, I went from 56 I would have said 263,000 in three months of being on Friday night, like my first wow eso it was hope so, Basically trying to keep it short, The fear is always going to be there. The doubt is always going to be there. But you have to trust in your ability. You have to trust in your desire to be better, to be better and make sure it's not an ego thing. Make sure it's actually something you want Thio achieve because, like I said before, people like I got people right now in acting that only book one commercial boy, they walking around here taking pictures like they will Smith, Denzel. And you know how these rappers do it and then acted. It goes, it goes here because your desire for their position is to be famous and to get all the love and everybody tapping you on the back. They said that your desire to be better, like as an actor, like I wanna I wanna be a director one day, you know, I'm gonna keep working my way, like I'm not satisfied with just being on television like, Yeah, it's great. But what can I do? Mawr? What can I do? Better to get to my level of what I call success. So Wow, that's excellent. That's that's excellent stuff right there. Brandon, did you have another question? Yeah. So, basically, you definitely had a plan. And you and you did trust in the higher planets. Well, um, one question I have is Did you get a cold director credit for, uh, for that show? Because it sounds like they owe you a co director credit for that. They might probably a couple of comments on e did. I wouldn't go ask because I wasn't gonna blow. Remember, I'm the new guy, right? But what e did become before I had my first speaking line. I did become a consulting first before I became an actor. So they paid me. So I was making $75 a day. But when it gave me a chance to be a consultant, it was $150 a day. It's not a lot of money, but I was like, I'll take it to work my way up. And so I became a consultant, and that actually helped me get closer to the director and producer because these air guys coming from California No, I'm in Texas. Football in California is totally different in football in Texas, like a It's like a whole thing. It's like if you say my son ain't playing football, they would stare at you like what? He's not playing football. It's like it's a writer. You have to play football. I had that. I told him about that experience. I'm like, Hey, you know, you guys are making a show about, you know, a team in Odessa and they live football. So I used that to my advantage. You know, a za former football player because some of these actors they don't know about football, you know, they you know they can. They can act. But when it comes down the football, they needed a little help. Eso you know, becoming the consultant actually helped me out a lot. Uh, Thio maintain to be on that show. Mm. Wow. So I have I have another question for you. I think I think we spoke about this kind of through instagram a couple of times. But what would you say is the difference between and I'm just kind of going. We're kind of leaving this portion here, but kind of going, um, in another direction. What's the difference between a creative and everybody else? What's the difference? Because me and Brandon have had battles about this. So what's the difference in your opinion? E. Really call it that, but I am curious to see what you say. We'll assess for me. I'll just speak for me as, ah Creator and everybody else, um, have a creator is a person that dreams about the art and dreams about what you're passionate about. And, uh, to me, it's like saying things in picture in color, in music and sound and all that bits and pieces of stuff is always on your mind, and it's always something that you always want to do on. It's like it's like building the things that your mind is constantly on, like my mind right now when I'm sitting, this is so crazy like I see you guys and I see these three boxes. Right now, what I see is a film, and I see a film that's like, Oh, this is a start of a film. We could do a movie this way like it's like it's constantly on my mind like Oh, I can How can I make this into a movie? How can I make this dramatic? It's possible, and that's what's always on my mind. As a creator, Uh, we always loved we love changes way survive in changes because that's easy to us because we flow with changes, we flow with town, we flow with pictures, we flow with colors like it makes everything sweet, and what you do as a creator is creating and building. You get satisfaction from it, even if it's not paid. You get satisfaction for drawing that you get satisfaction from building that everybody else don't can't feel that everybody else is like I need a regular job. All I see is this, like going to work every day from a 9 to 5, and they're okay with that. They're so strict or not moving on the creative side, more of a structure side that on that same line, no change. I need this. I need that always on a straight line. Creators were like this like I can't sit still. I got to do something different. Even in the same like this videography were like, Oh, we want to do something different. But when we say different, maybe I want to shoot a hip hop video. Maybe I want to see the dancer. Oh, maybe I want to do a wedding like that's the difference of creativity where once and they do. Everybody else is on the straight path and there's nothing wrong with that. But we don't walk the straight path. We wanna take a detour to see what.
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