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A Body Has Been Discovered!

Last Played: July 07, 2021
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Murder at the casino! The suspects give their alibis and interrogate each other. Featuring guest star Jonny Sims (of The Magnus Archives), Zachary, Mab, and August all try to find out who killed casino owner Silas Grint. But be careful, this town is full of monsters.
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get called back in obviously and it's like it's too early for most everyone there. They I guess except for the adults who was like no it's too it's it's late. It's very late. I don't understand it. Most definitely is not slap. No of course not. Well I mean he's also been there at the scene of the crime and um so unfortunately like so everyone can be in there and we're all just kind of like very irritated and you know all of the investigators and the inspectors are poking around and questioning everyone who was there last. And so you see um here is kind of sitting at the bar far enough away from where the body was discovered and just kind of tapping one crab claw against the counter. Like this is preposterous. I cannot believe that. Well I think the obvious solution is that Madonna's did it but you know um sure if you want to drag us all into this uh the obvious solution is Adonis did it? Adonis found the body. Adonis called the police. Adonis Adonis third person uh even went off stage. You're like this, Oh, I mean, you know, it's impossible to maintain kayfabe in these trying kinds. It's not about kayfabe, it's about the fact that you're accusing me of murder. Because I found a body. Yes, I wouldn't put it past you to be like, I'm just going to show off because I'm snooping around where I'm not supposed to be in the middle of the night, Adana, why would I kill Silas? He still owes me 500 clams. Yeah. Well look at this place, you couldn't have been hired for another 500 clans or then some to go and do that. Would you? Look, I'm not even having this conversation. I've already had this conversation with more than one investigator and I'm I'm I'm just, you know what it sounds like to me is a hero. Might be trying to throw off suspicion I think at this point so she pipes up and it's just like I was with Madonna's. It's not possible. Yes sir. See Sissy was was was with me basically the whole night and I'm pretty sure that I mean silence was certainly alive when I left. Uh What about about you here? Uh I finished my set and I went home crowds of this current. Still alive. Yes. Unfortunately. What? Oh okay. A little bit of respect. His blood is still in the water. Yeah. Oh don't do that. That's uh I do think that during this scene um angler is has a little notebook like the cops do. Uh And every so often kind of like shuffles in next to the cops and it's like pretending to be with them uh Mostly to try to get to their lunch boxes, oh my god, in the back of the police car. Listen, it's all been just a rough night and we all know that this place hasn't been doing well and I think that you know, unfortunately mr closing act for the night could have closed more than just the stage show. That's all I'm saying. And all I'm saying is you have exactly, you have no I have a solid alibi and you have no motive and I'll be honest, I'm not sure why you are so powerfully keen to try and pin this on me when I'm screwed here. As everyone. And all I'm saying is does anybody have any food angler just go let yourself into the back room? No one's going to stop you. Oh fuck yeah. Oh my God, you would think you have. Do you even work here, angler? You already told me I could come back here. She's like, hold on a second. Actually. No, but Donny isn't doing that's why Donny doesn't have a Donnie murderous bone in his body. Oh honey. Oh but it's my name. Look I don't, yes it is a is a is an affect as affectionate taito Oh what do you think? Nicolas? Oh, I don't think Nicholaus is here because it is not here. He doesn't he doesn't work here. Oh. Oh I thought I thought everyone was where do you, where do you box? I thought I was thinking that he would box at the Atlantis arena and like people might, you know bet on him under the table, but when he's at the golden fleece, he's a patron. Mm Okay. Just a regular. He's just a regular. The regular here and you know, bookies known for being either a good, good good person to suggest people to bet on or a bad person just uh yeah so I don't I don't think he's here. Um there's probably probably the people who owes money to might be uh huh. But yeah he's he's not present. You know, it's really too bad because if he had had any brain waves left I could have maybe seen the killer. But you know nobody calls anglo mash until away after the body is cooled and begin to putrefied. Well it happened. I mean it was seemed pretty I mean I'm not you know I'm not a you're not the man but maybe that's why they didn't call you in.
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