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A Fish Called Biscuit | 2.48

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In today's episode: Upon entering the harbor town of Skullport, Kan and Gil acquire an affable aquatic ally, and begin an investigation into a danger to the local wildlife. Nez and Phe head to the local tavern to acquaint themselves with the rough and tumble tiefling townsfolk. The d20 Syndicate is an actual play D&D 5E Podcast, where five childhood friends go on adventures so you don’t have to! Into the Yonder Void sees a new cast of characters set a course into the great blue unknown — with more seafaring, surprises, and nautical puns than you can shake your landlubbin’ dice at!   SUPPORT US ON PATREON: JOIN US ON DISCORD: CHECK OUT OUR D&D THEMED MERCHANDISE:   — SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS! — Andrew K BraeBae666 Porfo   — SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS! — dboe726 DarkStar God Em LucasThePurple   — OUR CAST — Nezrah Kaziel (Billy) - Dragonborn Wizard/Warlock Ophelia Rai Midori (Lindsey) - Elf Warlock/Sorcerer Kanak Anga (Michaela) - Halfling Druid Gildebrand Molani (Tomas) - Hexblood Ranger/Rogue Seth McDuffee — Dungeon Master   — JOIN THE D20 SYNDICATE — Website Instagram Twitter Facebook YouTube Email   The d20 Syndicate Main Theme courtesy of The d20 Syndicate. Background Music courtesy of Adrian Von Ziegler.