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A Must-Hear Advice For Budding Musicians

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The Freio Music Podcast
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What should you do if you are starting off as musicians? The options and resources that you have will amaze you. And they are free!
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What advice would you give to a musician starting out today? Um, I would tell Musician today that to learn first as much as they can, just about any de Ada you know that that is really your your workstation. That's your hub. Eso to learn everything they can about that and and what everything is so really it is like go to school in a certain sense. And right now we don't have to pay to do that. You can. You can get a lot of information for free on YouTube from a lot of really interesting people that are really good at what to do. Or you can subscribe to various websites that give courses. And it's not that expensive. Maybe $100 a year. Whereas if you were to go to school, which is great, people should go to school. They want to go to school. But you know, if you don't have money and just wanna learn, you could take a course on able to win or logic or whatever and and learn quite a bit. And in those processes, if they say something that you don't really understand, what it is they're talking about you could go and find something on that specific topic that would explain it to you. So really, school is on your laptop now, and it's really great. I mean, I use it all the time. I watch tutorials and traveling new things all the time. So that's what I would do if I was just starting. That's great, great advice. And I take it that you're watching more YouTube videos versus like reading the manual or reading articles. Is that because when somebody explains something and you can see it visually, for me, it's just a lot easier to run and and I've just found certain channels on YouTube, but it just helped really good tutorials that really show you. They break it down, step by step, to show you exactly how to use certain plug ins or why they're doing certain things. E. There's guys that air, you know, mixed engineers that have mixed some of the biggest artists in the world. And they post tutorials and do master classes and stuff like that and and they show you all kinds of tricks that you know, and most we learned that stuff in from the beginning, like they did or something. You know, you probably don't know these tricks. Well, there's just like one thing they do, and just like, Oh, wow, that's so cool. And that's the awesome thing about technology right now is that school is just on the laptop on everything, any, any channel or two that you feel like shouting out to. I've been really enjoying waves. The waves plugging Company has a really great channel on YouTube, and I've been running so much great stuff about their plug ins and universal audio plug ins. And Fab Filter has great plug ins, and their U Q is probably the, you know, for me, it's the best of you out there, and there's great tutorials. I just really break it all down on. But then there's just a lot of individuals that have. They're just producers and they're just showing you stuff that they do. It may not be the way to do something that it's how they do it, and so it's pretty cool, because show your shortcuts and just easy ways to do stuff that maybe sounds complicated
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