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A Part to a Buddhist Prayer (audio)

From Audio: Episode 007: the 12-Step Buddhist Podcast: The King of Prayers Applied to Recovery

station description Integrating Buddhism and the 12-Steps of Recovery (from any addiction).
the 12-Step Buddhist Podcast
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Duration: 09:41
Here is a prayer to chant whenever one loses sight of their goals. This is but a part the prayer, so if you enjoyed the prayer, make sure to listen to the rest. Don't want to stop there? Listen to the 12-step Buddhist podcast.
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Here is a prayer to chant whenever one loses sight of their goals. This is but a part the prayer, so if you enjoyed the prayer, make sure to listen to the full thirty minute audio clip . Don't want to stop there? Listen to the 12-step Buddhist podcast which will definitely help a soul with a broken heart.
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the extraordinary aspiration of the practice of someone to Badra. I bow down to the youthful aria Monju sri, you lions among humans gone to freedom in the present, past and future in the worlds of 10 directions to all of you with body speech and sincere mind, I bow down with the energy of aspiration for the Bodhisattva way, with a deep sense of respect and with as many bodies as atoms of the world. To all you Buddhas visualized Azriel, I bow down on every atom are Buddhas. Numberless is Adam's, each amidst a host of bodhisattvas, and I am confident the sphere of all phenomena is entirely filled with Buddhas in this way, with infinite oceans of praise for you and oceans of sound. From the aspects of my voice, I sing the breathtaking excellence of Buddhas and celebrate all of you gone to bliss. Beautiful flowers and regal garlands, sweet music, scented oils and parasols, sparkling lights and sublime incense. I offer to you victorious ones fine dress and fragrant perfume. Sandalwood powder heaped high is Mount Meru, all wondrous offerings. In spectacular array, I offer to you victorious ones with transcendent offerings, peerless and vast with profound admiration for all the Buddhas with strength of conviction in the body shop away, I offer and bow down to all victorious ones every harmful action I have done with my body speech in mind. Overwhelmed by attachment, anger and confusion, all these I openly laid bare before you. I lift up my heart and rejoice in all positive potential of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas in 10 Directions of Solitary realize er's hearers still training and those beyond and of all ordinary beings, you, who are the bright lights of worlds in 10 directions who have attained a Buddha's omniscience through the stages of awakening all you who are my guides. Please turn the Supreme wheel of Dharma with Palm's together, I earnestly request you who may actualize party nirvana. Please stay with us for eons. Numberless is Adams of the world for the happiness and well being of all Wanderers and Samsara. Whatever slight positive potential I may have created by paying homage, offering and acknowledging my faults, rejoicing and requesting that the Buddha's stay and teach I now dedicate all this for full awakening. May you Buddha is now living in the worlds of 10 directions and all you gone to freedom in the past except my offerings. May those not yet arisen quickly perfect, their minds awakening as fully enlightened ones may all worlds in 10 directions, be entirely pure and vast. May they be filled with bodhisattvas surrounding Buddha's gathered beneath the bodhi tree. May as many beings as exist in 10 directions be always well and happy. May all some SAARC beings live in accord with the Dharma and made their every dharma wish be fulfilled. Remembering my past lives and all varieties of existence, May I practice the body south away, and thus in each cycle of death, migration and birth may I always abandoned the householders life, then following in the footsteps of all the Buddhas and perfecting the practice of a Bodhisattva. May I always act without error or compromise with ethical discipline, faultless and pure. May I teach the Dharma in the language of God's in every language of spirits and Nagas of humans, end of demons and in the voice of every form of being. May I be gentle minded cultivating the six Param Etta's and never forget about a cheetah? May I completely cleanse without a mission every negativity and all that obscures this awakening mind. May I traverse all my lives of the world in the world free of karma afflictions and interfering forces just as the lotus blossom is undisturbed by the waters wave just as the sun and moon move unhindered through the sky. May I ease the suffering in the lower realms and in the many directions and dimensions of the universe. May I guide all wanderers in Samsara to the pure bliss of awakening and be of worldly benefit to them. A swell may I practice constantly for eons to come, perfecting the activities, awakening, acting in harmony with the various dispositions of beings showing the ways of Bodhisattva. May I always have the friendship of those whose path is like mine and with body words and also mind may we practiced together the same aspirations and activities. May I always meet a spiritual mentor and never displease that excellent friend who deeply wishes to help me and expertly teaches the body stuff away? May I always directly see the Buddha's masters encircled by bodhisattvas and without pause or discouragement for eons to come. May I make extensive offerings to them? May I hold within me, the Buddhist genuine Dharma illuminate everywhere the teachings that awaken, embody the realizations of a bodhisattva and practice ardently in all future eons while circling through all states of existence, May I become an endless treasure of good qualities. Skilful means wisdom, Samadi and liberating stabilization, gathering limitless, pristine wisdom and positive potential. On one Adam, I shall see Buddha fields numberless is Adam's inconceivable Buddha's among bodhisattvas in every field, practicing the activities of awakening. Perceiving this in all directions, I dive into an ocean of Buddha fields, each an ocean of three times Buddhas in the space of a wisp of hair. So I, too will practice for a notion of eons. Thus, I am continually immersed in the speech of the Buddha's expression that reveals an ocean of qualities. In one word, they completely pure eloquence of all the Buddhas communication suited to the varied tendencies of beings With strength of understanding, I plunge into the infinite enlightened speech of the dharma of all Buddhas in three times gone to freedom who continually turn the wheel of dharma methods I shall experience in one moment such vast activity of all future eons and I will enter into all eons of the three times in but a fraction of a second. In one instant, I shall see all those awakened beings past, present and future lions among humans. And with the power of the illusion like stabilization, I will constantly engage in their inconceivable activity. I shall manifest upon one single atom the array of pure lands present past and future. Likewise, I shall enter the array of pure Buddha fields in every direction. Without exception, I shall enter the very presence of all my guides, those lights of this world who are yet to appear those sequentially turning the wheels of complete awakening. Those who reveal Nirvana final perfect peace May I achieve the power of swift, magical emanation The power to lead to the great vehicle through every approach the power of always beneficial activity the power of love pervading all realms the power of all surpassing positive potential the power of supreme knowledge unobstructed by discrimination and through the powers of wisdom, skilful means and Samadi. May I achieve the perfect power of awakening purifying the power of all contaminated actions, crushing the power of disturbing emotions at their root, diffusing the power of interfering forces. I shall perfect the power of the body shop for practice. May I purify an ocean of worlds? May I free an ocean of beings? May I clearly see an ocean of Dharma? May I realize an ocean of pristine wisdom? May I purify an ocean of activities? May I fulfill an ocean of aspirations? May I make offerings to a notion of Buddha's may I practice without discouragement for a notion of eons to awaken fully this body shop away I shall fulfill, without exception all the diverse aspirations of the awakening practice of all Buddhas gone to freedom in the three times everywhere in order to practice exactly as the wise one called Samantha Badra all embracing good the elder brother of the sons and daughters of the Buddha's. I completely dedicate all this goodness. Likewise, may I dedicate just as the skilful someone to badger with pure body speech in mind, pure actions and pure Buddha fields I shall give rise to the aspirations of Monju Schriefer This body saw for practice of all embracing good to perfect these practices without discouragement or pause in all future eons. May my pure activities be endless, my good qualities boundless and threw them abiding in immeasurable activity. May I actualize infinite emanations? Limitless Is the end of space Likewise limitless? Are living beings, thus limitless are common and afflictions. May my aspirations reach be limitless as well. 1 may offer to the Buddha's all wealth and adornments of infinite worlds in 10 directions, and 1 may offer during eons. Numberless is Adams of the world, even the greatest happiness of gods and humans. But whoever hears this extraordinary aspiration and longing for highest awakening gives rise to faith just once creates farm or precious positive potential.
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