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A Snippet of ASMR Story of How It All Started (Audio)

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Welcome to my very first podcast and episode! Its goal is to create a quiet and relaxing ambiance. Although I am an ASMR artist, the content in this podcast is not intentional ASMR, it is however, quiet entertainment. Please note that you can hear some pigeons in the background, which sometimes blends with my voice. All in all, I really hope you like this first episode, and may there be more to come, and I cannot wait to read your emails and comments. BLOG: The blog was written by yours truly in 2018. To read the blog, below is the link to my website: I'd like to thank my supporters on Patron for supporting my work. If you'd like to join them, check out my Patron page at: Below is the list of sounds used on this episodeRain Sounds - Recorded by Somni Rosae on a Blue Yeti microphoneMagic Wind Chimes by Sound Ideas. Purchased for single use licence via www.audiojungle.netCONTACT INFO: You can send me your podcast emails at this address:thepinkmoonpodcast@gmail.comTake careSomni Rosae 🌹🌜✨Support the show (
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All right, then. So I guess that's enough for now. Let's begin with the story, so inhale deeply exhaled. Relax your body. Relax your mind. The pink moon will once again make you feel sleepy. You are born to do a Some are originally published on April 22nd 2018, written by some Nero ST A few nights ago, I was editing a makeup video and listening to another that I would later upload on my channel. Some Nero. Same. Just when I was thinking of taking a break from multitasking, my phone flashed a notification. A new comment had been posted. One of one of my videos, Ed Red, you were born to do a S m r. The message stood out, and I thought it was because it was the only one that had been posted in the middle of the night, a lonely message flashing all by itself on my phone screen. Six simple words hit home that could have otherwise been read later or have easily gotten lost in the wall of comments. They felt profound, and yet I couldn't understand why I felt there was another message within it specifically for me. But what Wasit, the realist in my brain said, You know, some money and his comment is probably posted on air, every area, some artists wall. It's no big deal. Totally, I answered back. But then the idealist in my brain said, Wait regardless, if it's been said to others, it was said to you on your video on your channel. Good point, I thought. But it still felt. But there was more to the comment. The messengers voice was trailing off and I couldn't hear what was beyond those words. And so I read them again. You are born to do a S m r. As I could hear those words loudly and see them at the forefront behind him. And quietly, I began to hear the previous affirmations from my past that I used to say to myself in the hopes that they would manifest into reality. I will be a rider. I will be a makeup artist. I will be a photographer, I will travel the world. And they were more many, many more encouraging words that I've said to myself since I was a teenager. My brain is rambling, I said to myself, trying to stop my introversion from over thinking or worse, analyzing the past, I placed my fingers back on the keyboard to continue with my work, and it was at that very moment that I had an epiphany there it ISS, said the idealists voice in my head. You've heard the rest of the message I side as I watched the footage that was in front of me, a video where I play the role off a makeup artist, a profession that at one point I had seriously pursued as a career. Images of previous published videos were flashing in my head, each one containing something that I wanted to accomplish but failed at in real life. But in the online world, it was make believe that was the epiphany. Everything that I've ever wanted to be or do in my life, up to this point anyways and never worked out. I've applied those dreams and efforts to my SMR videos. When one dream seemed to lead me to a dead end, I saw another route. I repeated those steps over and over again and sometimes worked hard in building roads to reach those dreams. Sometimes I was able to reach them, and many times I did not. I experienced rejection. I experienced failure and in rare occasions I experienced the heartache off a dream that did not want me. The words I will be were changed to Maybe I regret it. I fail and it will never be. And there are more, many, many more, each one worse than the one before. As the trajectory of thes failed dreams played in my head and then saw each one personified as a model walking down the runway of broken dreams, I realized that those dreams may not have come true the way that I wanted them to. Bye. I I still learn from them. Each unrealized dream left me with a remnant off itself. There were reminders of the past. The writer left me with pages of unpublished stories. The makeup artist left me with her brushes. The photographer left me with archives of photos. Untraveled lands left me with this pending desire to connect with people. All these items and more have been carefully archived and stored on shelves. In my minds. They've been there on display with a banner on top with a cautionary message that reads, Don't attempt that dream again. It went with someone else. It was never for you, I murmured. The words you are born to do is, um, in a recent podcast interview, I said, Ahah, Samara connects me to my childhood. As my brain quickly returned to do some kind of life review, I began to fully understand the depth in those words. One night many years ago, when I was at my lowest, the flow searching for comfort online, I found a whispering video, and it triggered childhood memories, the tingles that I had rarely felt in real life. We're now coming in waves, and they provide me with hope. This whisper was inviting me to play, and I accepted its invitation by quietly shouting back, Yes, I want to play, too! Even though I had agreed to come out and play, I was an adult who forgot how to do so. But the whisper gave me such a drive that it inspired this adult to take the time to learn the technicalities of making videos. And once it was done building a digital playground, the child in me began to play freely. A s M r. The tingles in my head and spine that have helped me with my sleep, woke my inner child from slumber, and ever since, it has kept me awake at night with ideas that I want to express online. A SMR helps me to channel my childhood and tells my imagination to dream big and to paint everything with color. Like a child. SMR took everything that was organized in my brain and use them as toys. It went to the shelves where my souvenirs of broken dreams were on display. It did not look at him with pity or fear. Instead, it looked at them as if there were nothing but trinkets to play with. Or better yet, a SMR was the girl guide who saw them as challenges to be conquered, which would then be worn as badges of honor on her sash. The enthusiasm and excitement from this child was contagious, she would say to me. Yes, I have an idea. Let's use the stuff for videos at Epiphany was sinking in even more. I had allowed my broken dreams to prevent me from becoming the person I was supposed to be, so it didn't work out, interrupted a child who was rummaging through the knickknacks and said. So what? What else can we play with? This adult realized that she had been wrong and storing away the lessons learned from these broken dreams. They weren't trinkets to be looked at. Instead, they were scenes that found a fertile soil online where they could bear fruit. My make believe world was not exactly an illusion. Every story brought to life in a video had a trace of something that had happened in my real life. Every video, everything that had happened to me. All the personalities I've ever had to pretend to be in real life when chasing a dream or to get by or to survive were all brought to life in one artistic persona and again like a child who easily moves on to the next adventure with wonder. But every now and then comes back to play with toys. From the past, I have begun to live my life that way. I am making peace with my past. The adult and child no longer see broken dreams. They are whatever the child and I want them to be. As the rush from the epiphany finished rushing through my body, my mind and spirit, I put away the phone. I clicked, save on my work and quietly sat for a moment. I was thankful to have an audience to share my work with and who also inspires me. And with humility and gratitude, I whispered the message to myself. You were born to do it. I was born to be somebody, Rosie. Before we jump into the commentary section, I would like to take this moment to thank my supporters on patryan. Thank you so much for your support. Without you, this podcast would not be possible. If you are interested in supporting me there, please check out my page on patriots. Thanks again. Well, I hope that you enjoy that blawg that I wrote last year. So we're now going toe go into the commentary part. So the block is available on my website, which is www dot some new rose dot com. My moniker is spelled S O. M. And I r O S E. So it's all one word some Nero's dot com, and it means in Latin to sleep off the road again. It's in reference to the work that I've been creating on YouTube, which is a Some are content or for those of you who don't experience a smart there are videos meant for asleep and relax ation. In a nutshell, it is quiet entertainment that is all just pure entertainment. So one of the things about my writing style is that, and I'm pretty sure that it's pretty much the same with other aspiring writers. Is that the moment that we have an idea? We just have to write it down and you just go with the flow of things. And that's basically what happened when I wrote this blogged literally. I was editing on a SMR video, and I had this epiphany, and I just started Teoh right after the calming moment of just digesting this, um, epiphany that I had. Now the, uh, disadvantages off of doing that when you're writing and because you have this idea that it's just burning in your mind. Is that well, at least for me is that there is no editor. There's no filter, so sometimes some of the things that I write on Lee makes sense to me. After publishing this block and after many of you had read it, which I thank you very much for checking it out. I started thinking, You know what? Even though it's already out in the public, I would like to go back and make some changes. And so I did talk Teoh, one of my very close and trusted friends, and I asked for her feedback in her opinion, is one of the very few opinions that I highly respect. And as you know, when you are creating something either a painting or taking pictures, it's such a personal thing and you are very defensive about it. You're very protective of it, and you don't let just anyone critique it right. But with her, I feel very comfortable. And I trust her opinion. And one of the things is that I am really concerned about grammar, punctuation. It's always it's always a work in progress. I never feel that it's, um, that it's there, but that's a whole nother story. My concerned that I brought to her was I wanted to make sure that the message of the block I came across clearly. In the end, I decided not to apply the small and tiny changes because I realized, Wow, the blogged is already out there, and many people have read it, and it is what it ISS, and I felt that it would be cheating. Thio go back and make the changes, and it would be better instead to just explain it in that podcast. So basically, in a nutshell, the message of the block is that many of us have dreams and goals that we would like to reach some day and sometime. Those dreams do come true, but not in the way that we think they're going to come true. They manifest differently in very unexpected ways, surprising ways, and sometimes they can be way better than what we thought it would be possible. So I don't want to come across as someone who is overly positive. This is more like a reflection, and the message is not original. Of course, it's something that we here for some of us almost every day, but eventually when you hear the message it sinks in, and sometimes for other people, like they hear the message every day. But they miss. It's, um it's important, but for some reason, when another person comes in and says it differently, they hear it, and sometimes some of us we hear that message every day, and we need that because when you're struggling with your goals and you feel that it's just never gonna happen, you need that encouragement on a daily basis to keep you going. Okay? And so I'm just one of the many, many million people out there repeating that message now. Yes, some dreams will come true. Others won't exactly. They will manifest themselves in different ways. And for me, there were many dreams that didn't, um, come true the way that I thought they would happen. However, they came true by making a summer video. So, for example, when I I wanted to be a makeup artist, it didn't work out because, well, that's an art form that that for some people, it's It's a natural talent. It's a gift and others like myself. We require years and years and time in a lot of dedication to get to, ah, professional level, and it just wasn't working out for me. But when I'm making a summer videos, I get to pretend, and the makeup classes that I took many years ago and the makeup that I did on many people, I get to apply those skills when I'm making a S M R videos. So that's just one example. But yes, that is the message of the day that sometimes things come true and very unexpected ways and, well, that's pretty much for today. I really hope that you have enjoyed his very first episode, and I cannot wait to read your messages, which you can send at the following email. Address the Pink Moon podcast at gmail dot com. You can send me all your suggestions, stories that we can read, however they have to be in the public domain. So that way there are no copyright issues. Or if there's an article, a story that you have read in a magazine, please send me the link and I will connect with the editor and see if they can give me permission to read that story on this podcast. So thank you once again for stopping by. And I hope you enjoyed his very first episode in hoping to share many more with you. Take good care of yourself until next time
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