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Abortion: Part 2: Bodily Autonomy

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Hello Everyone, welcome to Bad Table Talk I am your host Oliver Niehaus and you may be curious about the difference in the music you’re hearing, once again of course crafted by my good friend Oscar Gregg, but the reason for the change is that this is a new 3 part series that I’m doing surrounding the issue of Abortion. Yes, we’re actually going to talk about it. Now of course I’m unapologetically pro-choice when it comes to this issue and will be going through all the arguments you’ve heard and many you probably haven’t. As I said before this series will be split into 3 parts, Part 1: Should the Fetus be granted moral consideration from the moment of conception, Part 2: The Bodily Autonomy argument, and Part 3: Why Even if you believe Abortion to be the unjust killing of an innocent human being, why making it illegal is not the solution. I realize this is a very controversial topic and one which people often have very strong opinions so I will do my best to respect everyone’s opinions and make this more of an educational and thought-provoking series rather than trying to make those who hold different beliefs seem evil as seems to be done far too often on both sides. I only ask that you enter this with an open mind and be willing to consider things you haven’t considered. Allow yourself to question and wonder. So please sit back, relax, and listen with an open mind. Thank youEmail: omnbaseball@gmail.comLink to Actually Making America Great PodcastLinks to online booksAll books are free to access on Z-library which is the website that the links for the book redirect. If you have a Mac, selecting the EPUB option allows you to download it directly to your Apple Books, otherwise, you can just download the PDFA Defense of Abortion by David BooninThe Ethics of Abortion by Christopher Kaczor Arguments about abortion : personhood, morality, and law by Kate GreasleyPersuasive Pro-Life by Trent Horn