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Abundance Mindset to a 7-Figure Year: Interview with Alicia MacPherson, ND [Ep #177]

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Top Snippets - Abundance Mindset to a 7-Figure Year: Interview with Alicia MacPherson, ND [Ep #177]
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On today’s episode, I’m bringing Alicia Macpherson back to talk about how she went from 20K months back in January, to over One hundred thousand dollar months in August of the same year and what she did to do that. This is a must-listen Stay Tuned!


Growth in our business is not impossible but it has indeed a lot of processes to undergo. Whatever we experience along the journey, we must be ready to show our game face on to be able to reach this sweet success. 

For today’s episode we have Dr. Alicia Macpherson to share and elaborate to us her journey upon reaching from 20K to 100K in months. How did she manage to get there? What are her primary steps? To whom did she get acquainted? Let us all find out together as this episode is a must listen to. Stay Tuned!


[0:49] Introduction and Context for today’s episode – a close-up interview with Dr. Alicia Macpherson.

[2:16] Who is Dr. Alicia Macpherson and her amazing background in the ND Community.

[4:42] Dr. Alicia’s Journey from 20K to further success.

[6:39] What are the big steps she took for her journey to get there?  

[10:23] How did Dr. Alicia shed those pre-determined antiquated stereotypes that practitioners must have?

[13:25] Experience Description: What are her needs for the practice and the people she reached out. 

[15:57] Upon starting the practice, what are her first steps to begin with.

[18:45] Her ways and processes for Managing 20K to 100K.

[24:46] Stepping up as a Team Leader - how does she lead her team?  

[25:55] What are her perceptions about where practitioners are stifled due to stereotypes.

[33:16] Final further advice about the ‘Money Mindset’.

[36:16] My final statements and takeaways. Book a Game Plan with me! 


Connect with Alicia Macpherson:
Facebook: Alicia Macpherson

IG: @dr.aliciamacpherson


Connect with Me :

IG: @AndreaMaximND

Facebook: Maximized Business

Program: Maximized Practitioner Program

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