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Abundance Mindset vs Scarcity, with Teresa Romain from Access Abunadance Inc.

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Top Snippets - Abundance Mindset vs Scarcity, with Teresa Romain from Access Abunadance Inc.
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How would you feel if you could connect with your ideal client on an even deeper level?
To connect on a soulful level?
What brings us closer to others is having something in common, when we can see part of ourselves in others. A connection that brings us together no matter despite race, social status, gender, is just you and that person feeling the emotions and bonding.
Your story is how people get to know you, relate to you, and start trusting you.
How would you like to become a bestselling author this year?
Hey Soul Sister,
Welcome to another episode of UNCHAIN YOUR INNER STRENGTH podcast. A place to help entrepreneurs OWN their unique story, inspire, heal, and make a bigger impact.
This week: All about shifting your Mindset to attract abundance in your life and business.

Some people are really good at making money, but there are also good and not managing it. Take for instance some of the people who throughout history have won the lottery, they might have even got lucky and even won it twice, but... ended up in the same place where they started because they couldn't shift their relationship with money and abundance.
Our special guest this week in UNCHAIN YOUR INNER STRENGTH podcast for Spiritual entrepreneurs, @Teresa Romain, is an Abundance Coach at Access Abundance Inc. We spoke about the power of Gratitude. How our relationship with money determines the quality of life we live, and much more. Teresa’s passion is to empower these women to have the freedom and resources they need to fully live the unique lives of contribution and joy they were created to live.

I am your host, Maria C. Krause. Spiritual Mindset & Alignment Mentor. International Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, and Publisher.
I help women find their way back to their Authentic selves by owning and sharing their unique stories, to heal, inspire and make a change in this world.
CLICK HERE to book a call with me today!
Love, Light, be
Maria. XXX


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