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Hey lovelies, this week we are talking abundance, money fears and desire. I truly believe allowing ourselves to be abundantly and financially well is not only liberating it's also loving. Money can often be a taboo and triggering topic. Yet I also know love isn't wanting those we love to live in constant struggle and survival. When we feel abundance we don't need to hoard, we know there is more than enough to go round. Fear makes us do that. There isn't a shortage of money it's just not always been fairly distributed. We can either now start claiming the fact we want more or choose to believe it will never happen for us and stay in this cycle. We have the power to change that when we stop making money bad and not important and start realising it's not bad to want more money, to live well and to desire more. That's conditioning. What hurts us is putting our worth on what we have or don't have. Your worth and your money have nothing to do with each other. You are undeniably worthy. You are more than enough in the best possible way. Check out episode 3 if you struggle with feeling enough and episode 8 too. When you see your money fears, your lack mentality (no shaming yourself, it's totally justified and valid based on your past, circumstances and upbringing etc) and your anxiety around money and how we get into our nervous system around money and instead give yourself self-compassion and love. When you start to shift being taken down by these things. When you stop needing to be somewhere else and allow yourself to want more, without making where you are financially or otherwise wrong or bad. Ah, there is so much I could say on this. I'm not sure when but I'll do another episode on this as I know how fear around money can really get us down. It doesn't have to be that way.As mentioned in the podcast #SelfLoveTember is back. My free 30-day self-love challenge. It's happening in the Choose To Rise Facebook group. More details are at The Choose To Rise Group: & Transformation is an unpolished raw podcast about unearthing the crap that holds us back. Aimed at women who want it all and wanna feel damn good about themselves. We will talk openly about struggles, the highs and lows of life, sex, family, relationships, emotions, healing, mindset, dreams, spirituality, bisexuality, vulnerability, authenticity, money and so much more – in fact, nothing is really off the table. If it’s holding you back from the life you want we will talk about it.If you wanna feel damn good we need to talk about the real stuff so that’s what we are doing here.I believe when we love ourselves our life really transforms in the most beautiful ways and when we don’t love ourselves we don’t feel enough or fulfilled. This is a podcast to bridge the gap.It’s a podcast about feeling good about you, living life in your truth, on your terms.---I'm your host Kirsty Dee, a self-love warrior, soon to be the author of the book Woo Wise Woman and an empowerment coach for women. I work with women to help them to love themselves and feel damn good about themselves. Woo Wise Woman is a self- help book for women who desire to feel damn good about themselves. A no-BS approach to self-love guiding and empowering women to feel their best and to enjoy life. In a world where we are taught to fit in changing the rules changes your life. This is a book about owning your woo and living in your truth.Find me on IG at @KirstyDeeShares or Kirsty Dee on Facebook/ Choose To Rise Group also on Facebook. My website for coaching, programmes and all my offerings is at kirstydee.comThank you for being here, may you be authentically you and create and live a life you love. Namaste,Kirsty Dee xxx