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ACAB Radio - Episode 29

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ACAB Radio is a police accountability podcast that is broadcast LIVE every Tuesday on Facebook out of Las Vegas by 2 local activists from Food Not Bombs Las Vegas and Nevada Cop Block. We're your hosts: Kelly "Special K" Patterson and Jay Lyfer.
We focus primarily on local, national, and global police news stories that make headlines every week. We also discuss issues surrounding the homeless crisis here in the US and abroad. We cover these topics because it's something that we are all very passionate about, but we do talk about other stuff too. We hope you all enjoy the show! If you find value in our content please consider supporting our work at

Issues discussed on episode 29 of the ACAB Radio Las Vegas podcast include mistreatment and neglect within Nevada prisons and jails. Overcrowding and a lack of services have been created and compounded in recent years by the profit motive that has arisen in the prison industrial complex and private, for-profit prisons in particular. As a result of that and abuse by prison guards, numerous people have been killed or seriously injured in Nevada prisons and jails over the past few years.

Another local story (which involved several people, including host Joey Lankowski, connected to the ACAB radio show) we discussed was an increase in harassment against the homeless and people who are trying to help them by the Las Vegas police and local politicians. A pretty constant stream of propaganda about how dangerous and harmful it is to share food with homeless people has been getting published by local media recently. In addition, those who have made efforts to personally distribute food and necessary items on a local street where many homeless congregate have been ticketed and even threatened with arrest by the LVMPD.

Also, Metro has shot their 22nd person this year. Demontry Floytra Boyd, who was shot by Officer Paul Bruning on Dec. 1st, is the 12th person to be killed by LVMPD officers. And although few details have been released yet, this shooting that took place in the Downtown Las Vegas area already appears to have some questionable aspects to it.

Other stories discussed included: a man who went to the police for help and ended up dying after being hogtied and tazered while already handcuffed inside a police car, the crash of a police helicopter flown by a pilot with a history of crashing aircraft, an incident in which a cop ran over a woman in his patrol car and admitted being distracted but his department tried to blame the woman because she had drugs in her system, sexual abuse of underage children within the explorer program by police officers, another police officer that was convicted of raping a woman while she was handcuffed being sentence to 90 days of jail, a cop who claimed he confused his gun for a taser, and much more.

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