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Accidentally Spoiling "The Sixth Sense"

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Darren tells a story of how he predicted the ending of "The Sixth Sense" months before seeing it, thereby ruining his friend's movie-going experience.
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spoiled the ending to the film. And For this we have to go back to 1999. And the Blair Witch project finally came out in the UK was that it took a couple of months and I saw it with a friend of mine, I've got a bit of motion sickness during it. And so I had to stare at the ground at some points during the unfortunately was sitting at the front. So it was easy enough for me to stare at the ground for a couple of seconds to kind of reorienting myself. But before the film started there was a trader for the 6th sense and I obviously hadn't seen the sixth sense. Uh this was in the days when the sixth sense came out in America like a couple of months before and took its time to get over here. So I've heard that there's a twist in the sixth sense and I think everybody in the UK had heard that, but we didn't know what the twist was because obviously At the time there was a thing where people would be like, you know, have you seen the 6th sense before they started discussing the twist? And and so, you know, that was it was one of these weird things where like, it became a thing where people would check before trying to discuss the twist these days. Obviously people spoil anything all the time and I'm about to spoil the six cents again, uh 22 years old, and I think everybody put your time, thank you for. Uh and and so I, as the trailer came on, obviously I knew there was a twist, but I didn't know what it was. So I just turned to my friend and as a joke, I said to him, do you realize the twist in that film is that Bruce Willis is dead the whole time? And I said that it's literally a gag. Like I was just joking, I didn't I didn't mean that I was just trying to come up with the most ridiculous twist I could think of. And so I, you know, I just said that to my friend and you know, he was mildly amused by it. Cut to November 1999 and I go to the cinema. Now, here's the with I saw the Sixth Sense twice in one day, but I didn't stay at the cinema. I actually went and met some friends and then I went back to the cinema later in the same day having already seen the film for the first time. So I saw it the second time about seven hours after I'd seen it the first time with with some friends because obviously, you know, it was highly anticipated film. So I wanted to see it as quickly as I could. Um, so I went by myself in the morning. Uh, I think I saw like a 12 o'clock sharing or something. And as it got towards the end of the film, I was like, hold on a second, what is, what is, what is going on here? And obviously Toni collette is in this. So it, yeah, it connects connects to nose out in that way. And, and so like as it happened, I was like, oh my God. And then I realized what I said to my friend months earlier and I was correct and I, I was, I was just completely stunned. And, and then, so I, I think actually after that I went and saw the ang lee film Ride with the devil. I did a double bill and then I went, some friends, gave me a call, uh I went met them and I think, you know, we did I think we went bowling actually, to be honest with you. And then after that they were like, do you want to go to the cinema? And I was like, well I've already been to the cinema and saw two fields to take, but they wanted to see The Sixth Sense. I was like, I don't mind seeing that second time because I really enjoyed it three times already. Yeah, I already know the twist. So now I can actually appreciate like, the, you know, the clues that throughout the film. Um So, you know, obviously I went for a second time, but then a couple of weeks later I saw my friend that I had obviously seen, you know Blair Witch Project with and he complained that I had ruined that film and I was like, I didn't know I was just joking. I just said that as a joke and I did And 20 something years later, he still kind of holds it. I'm sure that I basically I'm sure without knowing I ruined the 6th sense for the moral of the story, I think is